Check Out Peter Obi Few Mistakes-Hart broken Nigerians. 

For millions of people looking/ finding faults in the presidential candidate of the Labour party, Peter Obi.

Peter and millions of we, Nigeria youth did not tell you that Peter obi is a saint, rather we have found him as the lesser evil compared to what we have in Nigeria’s political terrain for the past years of our democracy in Nigeria.
Peter never said he was going to do a miracle in Nigeria, rather he said, together, we can do it, we can set our country on the part of working again.
Because we believe in Nigeria as a country and we want it to work again, Peter is our man.
Below are some 12 points for those fault finders, this could aid your findings…..
Do you know that;
1. Bill & Melinda Gates awarded  Pete Obi as the best Nigerian governor in the year 2013.
2. Peter Obi was the only Governor in the history of Nigeria to call the ICPC, and EFCC to audit his accounts at the end of his tenure.
3. The only governor that refused to use bulletproof cars as a governor.
4, Only Governor who refused to build a presidential lodge in his state.
5. He refused to collect a pension after ruling as a governor to date.
6. He refused official car and allowances as SEC chairman.
7. He refused to host guests in the Government lodge because it will cost him a fortune.
8. He was impeached as a governor for being stingy. (He refused to throw Anambra money around)
9. He paid all gratuity, pension, and salaries all his tenure and cleared the backlog.
10. He paid ₦5000 to 70years and above monthly in Anambra.
11. He gave ₦ 1 million to every first-class graduate in Anambra, which brought Anambra education from 27th position to 1st during his time.
12. He travels around without police till today.
To our regular  politicians and leaders, this is a mistake, but for us, Nigeria Youths and those who still have hope in Nigeria working again, is not a mistake, is a virtue  many of you don’t have, we found it in him, and we have chosen him, and we must work with him, Nigeria must work again,
 Obi is not just a candidate, his a helper, let him come and help us, we need help.
Signed. Hart broken Nigerians.
May be an image of 3 people and text that says 'July 7, 2013 BIll Gates Peter Obi ...Bill Gates Awards Governor Peter OBI as the Best Governor in Nigeria.... Anambr State governor, Mr Peter Obi last week bagged the best performing radication polio the southeast from Bill Gates Melinda Foundation massively attended eremony the Women Devele entre Awka. on DrUmaru_Ameer Hamz @Prince... 5d Are you aware that on July 6, 2013, @PeterObi won the Bill Gates and Melinda Award as the Best Governor in Nigeria? And used the money to build 10 hospitals...'

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