An African man is purely an uncultured man, selfish, greedy, self-centred and callous, no wonder even after their colonial masters have left them in peace years after years, they are still the worst people colonizing their Fellow countryman/women. The man humility to man out there with their faceless policies is nothing to reckon with. no wonder the developed world call them animals, they act like one, no human feelings in them,

No wonder modern-day colonization and modern-day slavery is so common in Africa today and for that, the developed world who understand this and the nature of Africans, uses them against their own people, is only when you look deep you can know or obverse what goes on in that region,the colonial masters have left but their work still speaks loud for them even without saying a word and Africans work for them without you knowing it, no wonder you cannot point your fingers at any developed world as your problem, because they know the nature of your people and they capitalized on it, on Africas to destroy their own people or even for many of them who clamor  they operate democracy system of Government,  Sorry! The undertone of the system of Government they run in their different countries in Africa is still the Military system of Government, Anarchic system of Government.

No wonder anarchy rules them, yes, because in democracy Government, we have leaders, who lead her people as a servant but sorry to let you know that what you will find in most Africa countries are all rulers, disobeying their so-called rule of laws, now I asked you how can such countries developed, no way!

The developed world will not encourage an informed men to lead there, for their own interest a way of protecting it, yet  Africans don’t know.

Check, Even before they assume power, the first thing they try to secure is the impunity, Reasons many of them find it difficult to leave the corridors of power they hid under the impunity to commit atrocities, no wonder one of their elders, Obasanjo said is a do or die affair, to some, it is their birthright, it transcends from generation to generation, many turns it into a family business, why they can kill each other to get to the power, the best paying sectors what so ever there is Government.

HAVE YOU WONDER WHY? PATRIARCHAL SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT IS SO POWERFUL THERE, where one or family, region can rule for 10 to 20 years direct and indirectly turning  things that is own by public into their own thing “BIRTHRIGHT” ownership mentality over public own properties/opportunities: they are not competent oriented society they are connection-oriented people ( is by who you know) but is for a certain people, one major challenge they are where they are today, but before then let me remind your Igbo people that their major problems I have been able to view closely  with  kin interest in this past few weeks are this attitude of denying each other syndrome,  abandoning self.

I have been wondering why Igbo’s have this attitude of not embracing each other like other regions,  even in their cooperate/business world just like their other peoples, no matter how you view it, they are still one tribe in  Nigeria that consider others or even put others before themselves, an Igbo man sees fellow Igbo man yet his speaking “I won be English”, hahaha, some even deny their origin, what’s that?  fear  of or  to carry everyone alone unlike other tribe, like the Yoruba’s and their Hausa  brothers since the country is divided into three regions, without minding they still have other minorities’ in the country,  for fear of people not to criticize them or fear of misconception, which you know, no matter how you view it, people will assume what they dim necessary or will still criticise your action, what you should know is that, in life, personal opinion you can not stop it.

A Yoruba sees his fellow Yoruba same as their Hausa brothers, they will immediately switch over to their dialect speaking their language without minding your presence even in the cooperate/Business world, they adopt their language as the major language, if you want to fit in, then you have to learn their language, but Igbo’s are one tribe that consider others by carrying everyone alone or living out in fear or considering what people will say, many Igbos even fear to help their own, when they are in a well-placed position, one reason their Igbo young generation have no regards for their elders/elite, they live a life of self-made, they are practically hustlers (industrious), But about draining lately,  Trying to put their focus on the national cake, many of them cry that the presence of the Government cannot be felt in their area, whose fault ?  The big question, why? if I may ask,  have you not been surviving since even without the share of the national cake, why do you want to drain from what you have been known for years, why the sudden interest in the National cake, watch it.

Talking about their youths not having confidence in their elders/elite, Come Nah and tell me about the apprenticeship modules now, mind you any man/woman who is doing an apprenticeship for you have  already paid with his time and life of years the person input so is not  a free thing, due they still respect/ appreciate them.

I call them, the Igbos, always wanting to be more European than the Europeans hahaha, still what has happened! I just realized that one major reason it looks like Igbo’s are not united, is because whenever the cheeks are down many people will always retrace their steps, abandon you, you are left alone, can that be coward, fear or what? and put the blame on you then you are left alone so Igbo’s always know that no matter the bravery in their people they still leave life of me, me and me syndrome, that whatever thing you are doing, you are alone, unlike other tribes who will stand for their people irrespective of the level/kind of the crime they have committed  in that country they will stick out their head to defend their own and speak for them, unlike the Igbos who takes the  backstage and the person is left alone, I think I notice the present generation of the Igbos are  trying to undo that, but kind they?.  Other tribes always know they have the backing of their elders/ Elites, unlike the Igbo’s elders/Elite, funny due, they see them (The Igbos ) as one bravery region, but they are actually the very afraid region, maybe because they know that the Government will always work against them. Their elders/elites will not hesitate in the washing of their hands off their youths or the person, in many ways, they have to try to maintain peace but, every of their actions is been misinterpreted wrongly, sorry for that.

My grandfather, said no matter how bad or the kind of crime your child has committed, that you own it to defend him/her in public and scold him/her inside but is not like that with the Igbo’s, one major reason they are not defending each other and why many people are not taking risk for that entity called Igbo.  Their major problems in that country and other parts know that they lack in that area and they queue into it to destroy them and destabilized them, what a pity!.

It hurt me how many of them who still in their closet cry for discrimination, marginalization, hatred, ill-heated treatment  etc, Their Government has meted out to them, just because they are Igbo’s, over the century and killing of their people secretly and they wish for freedom but lack the courage to speak up, but one man/few who have taken it upon themselves, many have taken to social media to denounce him/them, criticize him/them disassociate from him/them. : funny region:

Even till today, many Igbos are still criticising’ Ojuwkwu, Owazurike and now criticising  Kanu this are men who are so bravery and feels the pains of their people and want them to be liberated , they should be celebrated and honored, because I always celebrate anyone who does anything I can’t-do, i see them as my hero!  not badmouthing them like most Igbos are doing to their heroes, what they know they won’t be able to do.  Many are only looking at what they might gain aftermath, but have not taken time to look at what they have, might lose or pains they will go or be going through or have gone through, the torture those men or prisons they have gone to and the separation from their family members, can you endured it, is a price that supposed to be celebrated.

One reason Ojukwu/Owazurike/Kanu have the crowd is because many of the elites/leaders don’t want to talk because they are comfortable, they have their connections, they keep what is made for many for themselves so to them everything is okay, they don’t know the pains  the masses feel, so anyone who feels what the masses are feeling have the masses support.

But the Elite/leaders always have this mindset that poverty is making them behave (speak for the masses) in that manner, so they keep trying to buy them over, bribe them, so as to stop them from letting the masses have their way no wonder some can tell you that when he/she started he had nothing, this, he had nothing that but now, they always believe that life starts and ends with money. is it really true?


Honestly, they always have good intentions taken off, but the elite/leaders will always brainwash them to their side what a pity, Nigeria Government is actually paying their elders, Igbo elders/elite so they are okay, they don’t understand what the masses feel.

A quick one here: we all know the kind of havoc the Fulani herdsman have brought in that country killing people numbering over 1000’s yet their elders/people have always sticks their neck to defend them, make excuses and speak for their favour.

The OPC before now, you dear not take a walk around any area they are operating and the lives they have snuffed out of peoples but their elders/elite/people defend them, they carry arms, they are the security service of the Yoruba’s, they speak for them haha, because they have leaders that care and can protect them.

Just like the Brothers in the northern part, they call them Arewa youths with their arms who have the backing f their elders/elite/people.

Lately was the Badoo group that has killed and still killing people randomly you still hear their Yoruba elders/people defending them, even making excuses for them with their shrine every nook and corny of that region.

Now few among you the Igbo’s, who have said I won’t murmurs I will speak for my people, many of you are denouncing them because you want to live in slavery for life,  one reason many who might have the opportunity might not speak tomorrow because they know you will abandon them when the cheeks are down, no wonder they say you have no king, not that, there’s no king, but your action depict that. when you refuse to take the action of an elder in the house whatever mistakes the children’s makes you will pay for it, it becomes your fallout, Ipobs, me as a writer I cannot condemn them or their actions but rather their elders are the major problems for them, like just like the brothers militant some of the elders pocket what is made for the region so they can not talk, they have failed them.

Take for instance, TINUBE is not one of the best man in the Yoruba land, but his one man who has sticks his neck for Yoruba kingdom in this generation and his people will forever support him when is against outsider, no matter how bad he is, just as your people have in your present Government, your president, his not the best among his people but they owe it to him to support/defend  him no matter how you look at it. why can’t you support your own? rather than selling them off, are you a sell-off, just asking?

Did you know that ??? in case you don’t know,

IPOB is a terrorist organization hahahaha now-now hold on! The military is now in the position to declare all, doing the work of the NASS, thanks to your Igbo elders “ndi aka azu”.

Badoo is a human right organization

BOKO HARAM is a charity organization

Fulani Herdsmen are prayer organization

OPC is a watchdog organization… that is what you get in an insensitive society or among families that deny their own! Igbos elders have denied their own, their youths have no trust/confidence in them, one reason they have decided to do it their own way.
I wonder how someone can tell me that it is right to pamper a murderous Boko Haram and Hausa Fulani herdsmen, armed with AK 47 going about killing and destroying an entire village and people numbering over 1000’s in both Agatu Benue, Enugu state and Southern Kaduna and another part of the country, yet nothing is done to arrest or form any military photon dance for them rather the same Government  are quick to send military to aimless people protesting for their freedom and some people said is good for them and will still expect them to pretend like nothing has happened which is the major problem, in the same country they have this wickedness over each other, they care less for their fellow countrymen.

The way security officers they claim that triggered the army deployment was the same way OPC was formed with their arms and now they are called security services for the southwest and no military was deployed to them but for your boys whom 100’s of their blood cry for your negligence, is okay.


There was a Biafra war, where millions of people were killed, still on the same complaint of this discrimination, segregation, marginalization, nepotism, which you and your masters who advised you to be wary of certain region, based on their perception, “My lecturer told me that what is perceived is perceived according to the perception of the perceiver” have you in any way, thought of that, No! rather you hold tight on that advice, have you asked yourself what is the interest of those your masters, advising you about that particular region they asked you to be wary of, they might be the region that will uplift your country but no! etc  I read about killing over 2,000 people in Asaba just at once, just because they invited them that the same Government that is to protect them  is coming to talk to them and they all converge and they landed and open fire on them, the worst  killing so ever in life, now after all these killings  and more after the war it was declared NO VICTOR NO VANQUISH, but you and I know that millions of Barfrias where killed. But the pains of that war still lingers among them the action speaks louder and you keep telling them not to talk ok,

But I have said this and am still saying it, not until Nigerian Government has come out to talk about Biafra war, they should  “DIALOGU” Biafra war must be discussed for free Nigeria! make a restitution where is needed, if not, people will still live with that inner pains that have been destroying things and resentment that is the problem in that country today, you can’t run away from it. it was OJUKWU,  then we saw Ojukwu in OWAZURUIKE,  then another Ojukwu in KANU, no one knows how many OJUWKEU IS STILL ON THE WAY and the format they are coming with, not until Nigeria Government Dialogue about Biafra, I doubt the fate of that country.

Nigerian Government stepped on Biafra’s /SOUTHEAST/SOUTH SOUTH and still asking them not to cry, is not possible and cannot be fair for you to beat a baby and at the same time DENY THAT BABY  OPPORTUNITY TO CRY, THAT IS WHAT NIGERIA IS DOING, the baby must look for  an avenue to cry, they must cry, they can’t subdue the effect of that war, it was 10 much too subdued or   be swept  under the carpet, they should talk and make a clear restitution or let them go, who knows it might even help the both side in case you don’t know oil is going out of the market so stop killing yourself over outdated material.

TO YOU MR Nigerian;

God who created us made available what we know as temperament, in life we have four  types of temperament, where he  gave people different talent, skills and ability, you can call it quality of mind and the four temperaments is very important  and they compliment each other in achieving a better life, in life so no one is more important than others, it even shows in our region as a nation, you discover what you have others don’t have it, is a God gift,  every regions have what they are bringing to the table and when we refuse to give a particular region opportunity to bring what they have on the table the nation suffers/lack and is only when we observe this that we all can bring them to the table so as to develop our nation,  not trying to kill other peoples ability/skills/talents etc or trying to subdue them or getting angry with them because of their nature, is their nature, not you or we can change it, rather we need to embrace it with love so as to live in peace and stop getting intimidated with each others ability and treat everyone as the same.

I must tell you that Nigeria Government has failed here, in treating this issue the way it supposed to be treated for the past years, for allowing this to come up this way, in this jet age, are you planning to kill the Biafra’s the way you killed them in the 60″s.

Government is about dialogue, let alone democracy system of Government which they say is GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE, any Government that deny his people opportunity to talk is a failed Government, if Nigeria understand this temperament issues, they know who to put where and things will fall in place but no because you are from a certain region then everyone suffers going by you masters intro motive advice..

So unfortunate, the amnesty international, UN, ECOWAS are not paying attention, yes because they wish to make money out of your stupidity, remember your position in poverty rate, soon it will be increased how do you expect people you have killed their youths to still be loyal to you, NIGERIA Government kill many Biafran’s in the 60″s, they are about nursing that wound, they are now killing another set of their youths 2017, honestly it will be impossible to hide  the pains, you need to talk whichever way you want your talk please talk, DIALOGUE FOR PEACE OF THAT COUNTRY OR YOU SEPARATE PEACEFULLY.

Thanks for stopping over.

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