Building business in Africa mostly “Nigeria” is one of the most challenging thing to do, A  country where most or valuable employer of labour is Government, the structures in place and people you meet or come across as  you try to build or live your dream have a way of helping you fail in your business/ career  and in life.

This is because we live in a self-oriented society, everyone thinks of self, no wonder they say it is the survival of the fittest, so everyone is skimming on what to make out of each other, using each other.

Country where the big, the known brands swallows the small, no one cares about what you know and what you have to offer, we are not impactful society, rather we are achievement society, everyone is on a race to build up things not to build up people for posterity sake, our respect is based on material achievements, for intimidation and showing off.

They will tell you to do everything you can to build your brand even if you have nothing to offer, they will come to your doorsteps, because what they are so much interested in is what to gain, killing  new innovation, poising the mind of the populaces to so much believe in the so-called brands, 85% of our purchase is on brand not on content.( wen buy brands not content)

Lately in Nigeria, we have been hearing the word, bail-out fund, have you asked your self what is the  interest of the Government or companies managing  the bail-out system, why can’t  the same Government that have the money, have the system and  the Technics,  put on ground, the structure that will enable people to run their business comfortably, instead of frustrating business owners, with taxes,fees and level, then wait for them at the end of the tunnel to come for bail-out fund, that is for those they are interested in, if they are not interested in your business, sorry is dead and gone, what sense does that make,

My grandmother will always say, I man who sold his monkey and buys dog still have a sitting animal in his house.

Sure you will not want to hear the number of companies that have left Nigeria, the giant of Africa and they are doing great in other small Africa countries, here sure you hear it one day on this platform is not yet for the topic.

A lot of indigenous companies that have folded up, just because they don’t have someone at the Top, who speaks for them and signs their papers at when due, many people will ask you of what use, will  it be suffering for others, when you work all the years and just discovered you are working for one idiot, sorry for the use of language! someone who refuses to use his or her brain, so let us all wait for Government money, a national cake that is the name. my question is how many people can the Government take care of even with their greed nature, why Nigerians are suffering, yes a lot of Nigerians are suffering, I work with people on the grass root, I know it, so don’t try to paint it in any way.

Still, we have a group of lousy people, brain dead individuals living big on other peoples wealth/ brain in the name of union and associations, hey!

Nigeria is a country were the man with talent, skills, knowledge etc, goes to bed hungry and another man who uses him lives large, (anger generation.)

For your business to drive/survive in Nigeria society, you need Government connection, it is who you know, not what you know.  hmmmmmmm

No wonder every one is trying day and night to get connected with people in power.

But if you asked me as a person, it has only helped us in destroying our ability and drive in aspiration, why because people who have the talent, skill and knowledge are getting fewer or nothing, why people who have the connection are getting it all. (what a generation)

looking back today, I remember many of my colleagues I started with, many of them are back as an employee instead of employer of labours to lessen the load of Government and few who have the Government connections are on the top. waiting for us to meet them for sure one day we will meet them as God liveth and there’s life.

The environment and structure on the ground are not enabling, Government has practically created an environment that will not support us to strive well or harness our Gods given gifts/potentials, rather the majority of us are depending on Government. look around those who are doing very well in their business in my country have Government connection even the churches. (what a big pity)

One of the reasons the rate of unemployment in our society is high, how many can Government employ and the birth rate is increasing.

I was not surprise that three of my guest has categorical said it on my show that Nigeria and Nigerians are killers of business, hmmmmmm.

Do you know what I did after interviewing them, I started doing, I started praying to God please, don’t allow them kill my business, well, that am five years on screen this year is not because I know it all, but because God has been on my side and because I have wonderful few people who have supported me and believe in my dreams which  has been difficult, but I must tell you it has not been easy, its been like working with my last blood, every day and time IAS feel like bowing out but looking at people who depend on me and people I encourage.

Then I invite you to come to celebrate with me, let discuss these challenges as business owners.


As am 5 years on screen, I wish to celebrate it by looking at my most challenge problem, which i know most youths are experiencing in Africa with wonderful mentors and role models to discuss and find a small solution because our solution can only come when our Government change our structure on the ground.

So come let’s

talk on my anniversary

First Edition of challengings of doing business in Nigeria.


Beady Nnanna

CEO Beady’s Word Productions

I find my self, being a Journalist, Blogger, Producer, Presenter and an Entrepreneur

you can support me in your own way God bless you.

If you wish to support this noble work that has been on and is still going on, please feel free to ask for our acct details we will appreciate it a lot, because we need it and need your support.

Expecting you on Monday 13th march check the flyer for full direction above all please pray for me as , expect, professional and business owners gather to discuss

challenging of doing business in Nigeria and profer solution, it will be an annual event to hold yearly.

Thank yours.


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