IS HE ASKING ME THAT QUESTION? OK YOU, IS BETTER YOU ANSWER IT PLEASE, They access you before they respond to you oh my God.I have arrived mentality is affecting lives negatively, people who have it don’t make noise, is people who don’t. people who have it, I mean having it, both in and outside, they are always, humble, kind, nice, friendly and ready to assist. please o, don’t go begging for money oh, so you don’t cheapen your self. always know that your worth is inside not outside.LOWLIFE PEOPLE ARE SO Full OF THEMSELVES, YES LOW LIFE, NOT because I have arrived mentality sorry o, because class people value and respect people, they know in their subconsciousness that we all are humans, you must forgive me for me to be able to flow please, pardon me, but just that it is the way I felt, about this issue of people not having respect for others and its impact I see every day in our society is driving me crazy.

This is how our third world big fools shut downs talents, sorry for the use of world please, innovation, improvement and connection on daily basis , then creating caucus in the name of out-classing and belonging. Mind you at last 6fit settles all, so slow down ok.

Am now on a trip as I write this, then I had this friend who opens his tap page and he was like please give me some seconds, I need to reply this chart now and a peep on it, I saw Bill-gate as the sender I was like, sorry is that the same bill gate we all know or another one, he said yes his my friend on Instagram and I was like have you mate him in person, he said no, and I said again and his chatting you up and replying your chats, the looks in my guy friend face says it all, his reply was this, whats there! Like there, yes there, forgive me please,  yes of course, hmmm, yes the world can not be equal, but the much emphasis on the difference is 10 much, and more with the third world society, then I keep asking why? we always lament that our colonial masters hated, discriminated against us, but the one we are hating and discriminating among our selves, is even worst. so whose fault now. we build acrimony on daily basis.

And I was like now tell my friend, okay whats there, don’t worry am going to invite you to Africa and you are going to see what is not there, the big gap between, the, I have arrived and the I want to arrive generation, those up there and those down there, he said then you guys need to grow up, his a millionaire just like every other millionaires and mind you other millionaires are springing up on a daily basis’s and a lot of our millionaires knows that and knows it could be any one so they play humble, because that seat is not for a particular people, immediately he shifted to another topic like nothing happened, but honestly I must be frank with you that single act spoiled my whole day, what am made  to gain from two hours I stayed with this friend of mine, i honestly  did not. I was just thinking which, on the mindset of the guy, my friend and Bill-get and another millionairess in that world lead into the whole day, infect my day was spoiled, should I cry, oh God.

In our third world society, they grab those positions as if is their birthright, if you are not up there, no one recognizes you, no wonder every other one who is not in that group, class, is fighting this battle of getting up there for wrong reasons, ( that’s my major problems) not for humanity sake, posterity sake or for making the world a better place to live in, but they put up all the struggles, working all their life just  but for them  to humiliate others, intimidate, get back to people who once felt they are worth nothing or to prove a point and once he/she get their door closes. oh my God, what a world. I feel like crying for my people because I belong to that world.

What the world that discriminates among its people, the world that let some of its people live with this agony of inner pains, this feeling that they are not valued, preferred, worthless or re cognize ,respected just because they are not in that class, just because they have not arrived, honestly that is not the kind of world I wish to live in, i wish to live in a free lovely world.

A tip for your perusal, even on our social media, is still class thing, one question I keep asking my self is this, when we keep segregating ourselves from others, how can we then teach, influence and motivate them into a better being we want them to become, when we keep building a long bridge between us and them, send a request.

They scrutinize you and your profiles before adding you up, someone just said how do you expect me to accept these boys and girls that are not good, now my question, how many lives have you change on line (social media) yes they can be irritating sometimes, I know, no doubt about it, but by personal message on, I don’t like your posts, comments, if it continues this way I may be forced to delete you or block you, I have honestly chatted with many boys this way, please try it and i tell you it will work, give them sense of belonging ok make them feel wanted teach them we most time leave them in their world, where they feel and know only what they do, no figure head to correct or direct them, most times when i look at my page or friend list am always impressed how it used to be is no longer how it is now, indirectly am affecting their lives positively are you?. I use to have a friend who had a page where he always posts nude pictures, he added me, I did not leave that group but my post always contradicts with their post, but he will not delete me because he wanted my crowd but today that page he has stopped it, THANK GOD! check in our social media is our world against them or their world against us, if you doubt me, take a role call on the people on your personal account is we, we, accept on our business lines where we need them to pull traffic for us.

You dear  not attend their event, sorry no one will attend to you, you know you don’t belong there not by words but by their actions, they attend your event if you are there, are you a journalist tried talking to a guest at an event, and he/she is asking you the class of your station/channel or program before they can talk to you. class talk to the class.  no wonder the rich keep getting rich the poor keep getting poor not that they are not trying, but we are stopping them.

Some don’t take calls they did not register on their contact, may her soul rest in peace, during our service year, a colleagues left Uyo to Rivers state just about 20 minutes into Rivers state they had an auto crash and her parent were at home waiting for her and good Samaritan rush them to hospital and the doctor insisted  for depots before they will commence treatment and they search her bag no cash, try her phone no air time, they decided to search phone and call with another phone,  for more than  10 times but his father could not take his call, unfortunate we lost her, who knows if not this class and segregation, if he had picked up that call, many-be she might still be alive today, just few among many 100’s examples, class thing.

In-fact am NO LONGER happy with this class thing!


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