Anambra North Young PDP React To Mrs Enemuo As A Deputy Governorship candidate,

Gentlemen of the press, fellow Comrades, distinguished ladies and gentlemen.

Press briefing delivered by THE ANAMBRA NORTH YOUNG PDP STAKEHOLDERS FORUM, after her extraordinary principal officer’s meeting held on Wednesday 4th August 2021 @ her central office in Otuocha, Anambra East LGA.

Rising from an exhaustive meeting of the forum held on Wednesday, 4th August 2021, whereby we rigorously reviewed all the events that have transpired after the PDP primary elections held on the 26th of June 2021.
The members/participants who were drawn from the 99 wards and 7 local governments of Anambra North, after extensive deliberation resolved as follows:

1) That we recognize the validity of the PDP primary election that produced Mr Valentine Ozigbo and have since congratulated him on his emergence.

2) That in line with the candidates desire to have a running mate from Anambra north, in consultation with other relevant stakeholders in our zone, we made suggestions to the Governorship Candidate, Mr.
Val Ozigbo, of the nominees for the position of Deputy Governorship candidate.

3) We also acknowledge the fact that it is the prerogative of the Governorship Candidate to choose his Running Mate, even though all relevant stakeholders ought to be consulted in other to carry
everyone along this was agreed by all members of ANAMBRA NORTH YOUNG PDP STAKEHOLDERS FORUM.

4) We are shocked to see our Governorship Candidate present  Deputy Governorship candidate alien to the Anambra north PDP and the entire PDP in a supposed reconciliatory meeting.

5) That the choice of Mrs Enemuo as a Deputy Governorship candidate is not only an affront on the sensibility of the PDP family who knows her as an APGA member but also a slap on the elders of the party in
Anambra North.

6) We consider it a big sign of neglect and rejection of *core* PDP members by our dear Candidate, and therefore demand an urgent explanation for such a decision, especially after the PDP family of Anambra North has painstakingly made available nominees from the zone dispassionately selected through a very rigorous process.

7) We demand our dear Candidate, Mr Val Ozigbo, to immediately engage the people of Anambra North with a view to explaining the rationale behind his decision so as not to pitch himself against the good people of Anambra North.

8) We state emphatically that this body will not go to “war” in this election with strange elements, hence the need for clarifications to move forward as one body, otherwise, we may be left with no other
option than to take our destiny into our hands.

9) We call for calm and patience from all our members as we address this issue as diplomatically as possible in the shortest possible time.

10) We are watching keenly and weighing our options, Gentlemen of the press, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming. We shall work together to ensure that Anambra State
gets back to reckoning.

Comrade Raphael Obeche Onyeka Emembolu
Chief Convener/Facilitator Sec

Onyeka Emembolu


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