Anambra Election: Dozen Reasons you should Vote Godwin Maduka

Let’s make history, let’s change our Anambra, Time to chose our leader by coming out to vote for who we want, we can do it.

Is time we get out of the mindset of the party that will win,  who will gather the vote  and come out and vote for the person who will do the job, serve the people  and I tell you, The frontline governorship Candidate of Accord, Dr Godwin Maduka is that man,

If you are still doubting, let me help you With 12 points, why you and your household should work to see that Dr Godwin Maduka made it to Agu Awka, not just for you but for your children and grandchildren.


1. The frontline governorship Candidate of Accord, Dr Godwin Maduka,   if elected Governor of Anambra state. will break the grip of godfatherism (one of the greatest threats to democracy in Nigeria) which has been prevalent in Anambra State for decades. He will owe no allegiance to anyone, group or groups but only Anambra people.

2. Maduka is the only governorship candidate in Anambra State who is solely funding his governorship campaign. He is not indebted to anyone and would not use Anambra state funds to service debts when elected.

3. He is the only candidate who has tasted both poverty and affluence at the extreme. As a Palm wine tapper during his formative years, he fell off from a palm tree eight times and stood to conquer which he indeed conquered all.

4. He believes in the votes of the masses, thus does not rely on rigging elections to win the governorship contests. He holds an enviable record of being the only governorship candidate who has visited the 326 wards/ Polling Units during this campaign before the insecurity, including riverine areas in Anambra State.

5. He is the most travelled governorship candidate having visited over 100 countries with a visa-free passport. He is a bridge between Ndi Anambra and the international community.

6. He singlehandedly boosted the GDP of Anambra state investing over 400 million dollars in the state.

7. He is on the verge of entering the Guinness Book of Records for singlehandedly building massive infrastructure for his community which has elevated it from the hitherto rustics to a modern city and also named it Umuchukwu.

8. With his vast international contacts, links and connections, he has vowed to develop Anambra State with funds attracted from the Diaspora.

9. He has been a popular philanthropist long before he joined the governorship race haven built a 17 storey medical research centre, Churches (Anglican/Catholic), Hospitals, Filling stations, Markets, 80 bungalows for Widows, motorable roads, police station and barracks, Courts, offer scholarships etc

10. He has no political baggage and is not associated with any business scam or academic fraud.

11. He took up a relatively unknown party that has no dent, and the No.1 on the ballot paper – Accord Party, which helps voters/ Party identification and eye comfort.

12. Prior to joining the race, he was listed among the top 100 Men of Success in Las Vegas and also rated the No.1 pain Doctor in the World.


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