The Nigerian Army has deployed a women-only peacekeeping mission to Anambra State.

Anambra State Governor Willie Obiano confirmed the development in a Twitter post, adding that a special task force had been deployed to ensure the safety of the state’s residents.

Earlier today, I received a Special Military Squad deployed to our dear State to aid in ensuring a total return of peace and normalcy in Anambra. We have always prioritized the security of lives and properties of Ndi Anambra and we are determined to take all necessary steps to make sure that every Onye Anambra enjoys peace. Live and work without any form of fear.

The Anambra state government has restricted movement in the state in an effort to prevent the spread of violence, but the curfew has now been relaxed, The Cable reported.

According to Obiano, “This special squad will complement the efforts of the gallant officers of other security agencies in Anambra whose hard work has kept us as the Safest State in Nigeria.

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