ALARM KEEPERS! always watching out for your mistakes, but never watch out for your good works or efforts, wants you to do magic since you say, you want to do it, then putting pressure on you. Making you do it now, now, that is the trendy thing, overnight success.

Giving up on our important things, goals. vision, dreams or ideal is part of our culture and we turn around to put the blame on the system that the system is not working, now tell me how a system can work when people in the system refuse to work,

The system works only when people work. system house people, we should focus on our people, not our name, which is a system,

one thing I have noticed lately is that Patience to my generation is a costly thing now, the life of immediate gratification has taken a centre stage.

A lot of things, the best and easy ways to learn, do, make and achieve things is available for us now at easy.

As your failing, you’re getting better than what it used to be.

Most people want to start something today and achieve everything in life the next minute, the next day, and because is your dream, your talent, to better vision no one will understand it better than you do, so is your cross.

Whenever you’re making to better yourself, or doing something new, or taking on a journey of life.

People who cannot do that will become angry  because they know if they allow you go in that direction, one day you will leave them at that same spot that you all have always been, so they will ridiculed you, bad mouth you, quick to notice your weak point, they will judge you critically base on what they already know, but for you, you have made a decision, to move on without them knowing it, so they are still judging you base on what they use to know, which will stop them from noticing the good in you.

The truth is that, is only  10% will notice your effort, but the remaining  60% will always focus on your weak point, Because they have always known you, then pointing it at your face, reminding you how bad you are or use to be, how terrible you are doing and how far others on that lean you are treading on have gone, how great they are doing, putting pressure on you of wanting it immediately and also that you don’t have a place there, they keep doing this, than face the fact that they do not really want to make effort  necessary to improve their future and pursuing their own destinies/purpose. Then the remaining 30% will be expatiators’, watching you with their reservations, let’s see how far he/she can go, they are neither here nor there, but they will be the first to make their comment later, and their comments  goes in two ways.

1, Yesss!!!!, I know he/she will make it.   Or

2, I know he/she was just wasting time, I was just watching, let it not be that I said it, he/she can’t do it., you see it.

You see these 30% deaf people. Are people to be so careful of, avoid them like plague, why because of those 60% people who critics us destructively, actually help us indirectly, without them knowing it, but it differs on individuals will power, strength and staying powers.

That 60 % actually helps us

1, To know on what to want on our journey,

2, Root to re-take, in making best of us.

3, ohhHow to do it differently, as for ooh, I don’t know about you, just that, you don’t get much attached, or close to them because if you are not strong mentally, they, that 60 % can destroy you. or kill your dreams. they are actually indirectly dreaming killers. yes, they are.

But for someone like me, I thank them a lot, because I have learned to learn some things from them, they are actually my motivating factors,  without them knowing it.

But that 10 % that encourage us is our life wire on carrying on, don’t ever play with them, any time any day, respect them, with them alone, the sky is your starting point. as you are succeeding you will start winning all of them over to yourself.

Now for these, 60% and 30% people…..

They prefer to be angry and act as though something is wrong with you, when you are just starting, always looking for problems, blaming you here and there, that way they do not have to consider the possibility that something may actually  be wrong with them,  not really you, and if you are not watchful you would have allowed them to kill your dreams.

So, learn to build a wall of protection around your mind, be careful things you take into heart.

is not everything you hear, is what you need, learn how to sieve things.

Remember there’s sense in every nonsense and there’s  nonsense in every sense,

Good luck

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