As an individual, I have been living with this thought or let me call it a bounden  right from my childhood age, mainly in my primary school, when I will watch my other class mates answer questions and they clap for them, which I wish to do, not that I don’t know the answers, but I could not see myself standing to do as they were doing, am not wired that way, just like many other people too experience same,(some who could not stand might even be brighter than ones standing) but many of them the ones standing were the best students for our teachers, center of Cynosure, but no one sees people like us, but after schools for my own case,Ii don’t know your own case, many of my classmates still clustered around me for solutions of one thing or the other I still wonder why even till now still seeking for the answer. one of the answers is that our society has placed a hedge on us by the format they use only a few people can over come them, then they turn back and blame you why they the society are the one with problems, because of their stereotype systems. I have a grandmother (My Role model) my AFRICAN QUEEN I CALL HER, who has not seen the four walls of class room in her lifetime, she lived 97years just died  2015 (very intelligent woman, she talks like something is always telling her what to say each time she talk, with so much confident) was buried Nov 20th, but in my little village they call her AMERICA woman, she has not seen aircraft or airport in her life, one of the things that made me cry so much when she died, I have always had the desire to take her to American but I could not achieve that dream, the only township she has been to is Enugu Town, because her husband worked with the coal company during the war in the early 70’s  throughout her life time, she has been the leader of the women in my village even leading  among  the men in my village and in Enugu state, we are from Imo state,  but she cannot read nor write but people always come to her for advice. hold it there, many people like her abound around and within you, take note, but we could not recognise them for not writing, speaking in tongue or reading. Am writing this because to my society, our society, an  intelligent person is that person who can write or read mainly English, unfortunately  English is not part of our dialect (language) Am an African, but just that, is one Dialect, language we have chosen  to communicate freely with by our colonial masters, even in mix of more than 100 dialects in my society, the colonial master force that on us and my people now base our intelligence on that, as if we had no life before the coming of this colonial masters, am just asking, then others who have other abilities, who are intelligent in other ways are not remembered or given opportunity to drive on, someone should please pardon me. is it not time we look the other way round and give many opportunities laying low or dead life, To develop our selves we have it. 

One reason I will never forget in a hurry people like OLA ROTIMI AND CHINUA ACHEBE this were the men who stood their ground as Africans even as they write. we thereby limiting so many people in so many different ways, also depriving ourselves of so many good things, potentials and opportunities which await us but; because we look down on so many people, degraded them, they could not bring to fore what they have in them for us to enjoy, because they could not speak the tongue of our colonial masters, does not mean they don’t have brains please, no platforms for them, we unconsciously segregate them and kill something in them, still we complain why all we need is around us.

Do you know how many languages in the world as we speak or as you read this now, check and find out by yourself, intelligence is at a different levels, and things and being able to or having the ability to learn other peoples language is one part of intelligence, that you cannot speak or write does not make you an illiterate or a fool like we have always thought because take, for instance, a Yoruba man who can write or read Yoruba language fluently and is well exposed, be relating with people well, probably and is good with what he’s doing, I can not accept that word that he or she is an illiterate is an offensive word please for me o, is a personal opinion here, I don’t know about you.

My first trip out of Nigeria was at an educational conference and I mate with great people, great minds who could not express themselves with English ( it was my first cultural shock) after receiving their awards, they took to stage and said what I did not even understand and most people clapped and which I joined in clapping, clapping for what I don’t know,is it not funny, if is us, the way  that will kill and bad mouth one another in this part of the world, then I begin this journey of what you are reading now.

Yes, we bad mouth a lot, making people not to take chances, because we have a lot of professors around us,you know we lay more emphasis on certificate, these people some of our professors, who have nothing to offer but their jobs is to sit and scrutinize or analyse you, they are quick to find your fault then capitalize on it, but not quick to find when or where you are excelling or what you are good at to encourage  you on it or help you build on it. what a people!!! wasting talents and intelligence and we then complain.

Dictionary describes intelligent as being mental able, now I asked you, being mental able of what? for my society, is being mentally able to speak phonetic, in tongues through the nose. Now making a lot of people who cannot speak in that verge look stupid, killing something in them, rubbing them off their personal ego, rubbishing their self-esteem and self-worth for those who don’t have good self-will they are withdrawn.

I was very happy when a British man shared a video on social media lately that English is not a text of intelligence, that English is a group (set of locality) of peoples dialect (language) so being able to learn it and another person can’t learn it, kudos to you, but that person might have other great things you don’t have ok, that, does not make you more intelligent that the person, I have always known or seen people I call educated illiterate, what about them;

Dictionary describe intelligent as being sensible and rational and it went ahead to describe it as, showing or resulting from ability to think and understand things clearly and logical, an intelligent solution, making us know that our intelligent differs by people we have only but few unintelligent people unlike the way we think in this part of the world.

Terms usually refer to  as a general mental capability reasons to solve problems think abstractly, learn and understand things

Intelligent is draw from verity of mental process including, memory, learning, perception, decision making, thinking and reasoning but to us is not, once you can read, speak and write, for us you are intelligent focusing on those people with fast tongue I call them, then neglecting other sectors of intelligent people, look around how far has it brought us today, no way.

We tend to reduce our ability and how far we can go in African by

this trend of (tongue speaking by the majority of acclaimed intelligent. only focusing on linguistic intelligence why we have so many other intelligence, let’s diversify, please.

Let’s know that linguistic intelligent is just one part of many parts of intelligent


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