One of the reasons why slavery is still far from stopping in Africa countries is because we kept being indebted to the developed world, call it whatever union it is or you like,  must you always beg, look at them beggers!!!

You will agree with me that once someone keeps giving you or you keep borrowing, they keep lending to you, sorry you have no say or right of your own.  (who borrow 10k to do business and makes 20k is not in business) just working for your lender!!!!, no borrow to make more money that is the idea abi.

That is Africa case, check it anyhow you like, Africans keep running to the developed world for assistance then making them master why they are the slaves. yes, you are a slave no matter your education, certificate, exposure etc, you are a slave no wonder it runs in you why you easily transfer it to your people by enslaving them for money and power.

Some countries in East Africa countries will spend more than $14 billion on debt repayment in 2018/2019  due to the budget deficit,  this is half of their target revenue collection then putting more pressure on the citizens, like over-taxing, them even without a good life and better facilities available for the citizens, therefore, growing poverty level underground.

Such countries are KENYA, TANZANIA, UGANDA, RWANDA if you ask me because they refuse to do things the right way, they miss their priorities.

Due Rwanda level of borrowing among the four countries are low but?

when you keep playing a victim not a victor, always complaining  not ready to take responsibility and walk in the right direction sorry is Africa Second name,

You will agree with me that in slavery two people are involved the master and the servant, sorry to tell you that African keep playing the servant to the developed world  because of greed, lack of contentment and not being proud of whom they are,

In history Africans forbears  where great inventors, one questions I want to ask is this what happens to those things they invented or  to those great  brains,

why did their generation stop inventing or fail to preserve them, most of them they sold for greed/money, immediate gratification, it is a pity that most of the artefact of Africans cannot be found in African library or museum, rather in developed worlds,

Management, greed and lack of self worth  keep pursuing  Africans into poverty direction, the develop world keep telling them that what they have are not the right thing, so they dropped it in search of what they don’t have or don’t know,  Africans lack management as a result of greed and lack of self-worth, looking for fill up, so western world will give them the fill up, sorry generation.

The developed world present themselves as the messier to help of course they do but to a larger extent for whose interest,

No matter how you view it, Africa is still  slaves, why the developed world are the masters , case study on East Africa countries budgets and their   , why the deficit always BIG question and some countries must come for their rescue and what do you think will be the interest of those country that is coming for rescue and their gain, certainly not for free, let alone when you have a country like China that is world power  driven,

Come to think that Africans budgets don’t even take the right direction, I mean channeling  attention in the areas that need attention so they can drive growth and stop every year hug borrowing rather they play down on the area that will help them develop, grow, not to think that 60% of African finance move out of Africans to the developed country to help build other countries economy which Africans do unknown.

This they do because of lack of self-worth looking for a fill-up, with their lifestyle and way of governance then focusing on taxation putting more load on their citizenry and growing poverty year in year out.

Someone just said is a normal thing for countries to borrow, hey on what level and must it be always still having nothing to show for it.

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