Many have abandoned self their original is lost in the process confusion stepped in as the order of the try and luck life.

For beauty of life, to colour life, HUMANITY, God has created every man on the planet earth to fit into a particular purpose, a particular calling, to solve a certain problem, attain to some challenges, create a channel but we as the human that we are, on our own have changed everything, by trying to be something else, someone else, imitate, emulate, instead of motivation.

People are to motivate us, inspire us, encourage us, any other thing far from all these things, makes you, us a fake person, do as I do in our society today! always wanting to be like others, copying peoples’ lifestyles then abandoning our originality.

Most times I ask, if we are like others, what happens to our originality, what happens to ourselves, what happens to who we are? who we are created to be, life can only happen when individuals are real, original to live his or her life as they were created, that is the only way you can flow from inside irrespective of who, what we are or where we found ourselves,

Now I ask you who are you? 

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