Our strength does not lie on our vest natural resources but on our mammoth size and the huge stock of human capital which is yet untapped,

One reason for education is to liberate minds, so it can exercise its full potentials, but one big question we wish to ask is our mind really liberated through our education system or type of education we get or cage,

With education, we are expected to think on our own, being able to rationally make a proper decision when left alone, rather our mind is allowed to grow empty and wild and eventually consume itself, no wonder many feeds it with negative vices, will you blame them, capital no.

let alone this immediate gratification lazy generation on our feet that we should be careful of, that want things now and fast irrespective of the source/channel or pattern, this technology-driven generation that easily bound with strangers afar but far from the family close by, the loneliness in their lives, cannot be quantified.

our type of education  does not  allow us to think, experiment things out, it programmed us into a particular way of doing things, to read right and write right,( we speak from our nose to meet up) Good one,  one way traffic,  one major reason you see many of us always doing the same thing at a time, once a thing is booming people clusters on it, it starts trending, sooner than later we dump it and jump to another one , we recycle a lot because we are intellectually lazy, so glue to our new find love/families, the almighty devices.

our education system and that of the civilized world, what they sold to us or what we bought.

Their”s give them vest knowledge  ours gives us vest title which we celebrate,

Their’s teach them how to conceptualized and encapsulate ours teaches us how to emotionalise, tribalised and emasculate, they understand analysis we understand statistics.

Their school give them guidelines and put them through practicals helping them to think out of the box, why ours give us punchlines, it must be this way, to obey status quo, no room for an experiment,  we always see our self-thinking in the box and program us with theories of ethnicity which unconsciously give birth to hatred then we ask where is coming from.

Their lectures are Open-minded professors why ours are stereotype politicians who determine what happened in our schools, caging our brains.

But if we find our self outside of the country, the world celebrates us, our real potentials exhumed, because is in us, we already have it impeded in us.

Someone just opens his month now asking me how?

The commonest thing a Government can make readily free and available for its citizens are FOOD, SHELTER AND EDUCATION,    before talking of power.

But an average third world country citizen live all his/her life struggling to feed, pay rent and get good education, the type of the environment you are in, determines the flow of the ideas, most times it even distort the flow of the ideas or what we can produce/give out, good number of the youths live in slums, why their mate in the developed world those that will compete with them already have those things available for them, food, shelter and education is not a problem for them, so is a big challenge for youths in the third world country to explore their brain and impact the world.

one major reason most mother’s who don’t need to overwork must overwork to meet up with family needs then open up the children and society for immoral activities.

imagine I can’t write any longer, like seriously, am really hungry now! have to go struggle to be sure of my daily meal, same as many who are supposed to be concentrating on creating things, rather they are pursuing their daily meals and making sure their languages are not throw out by almighty landlords/landladies, survival first.

Na man wey chop dey sign.

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