QUEST FOR MONEY! Money craze,

IS KILLING WE ALL, the manner at which, each and every one of us is pursuing money, worshiping money like our life starts and end with money? we all are morally bankrupt, even our Government has made common things for ordinary person to access very far from them, making them go distance, do so many illegal things in getting them, they are the worst enemy of the society, people, pushing their people into difficulties, even at that, why  dance their rhythm of song, can we sing our own, some one said is not possible they are our leaders we live in the society, mind you, that everyone is doing something does not make it the right thing. otito

WE STILL SHOUT ABOUT OUR PROBLEMS! WHY WE ARE PART OF THE PEOPLE WHO CREATED IT! yes because each and every one of us think alike, everyone is looking out on what to gain, directly or indirectly, even when you have things to offer they won’t believe you, is a general disease, reason why few people who do things for posterity sake,t add value t people life many doubt their ingenuity because they can’t imagine

Yes because each and every one of us think alike, everyone is looking out on what to gain, directly or indirectly, even when you have things to offer t people freely, they won’t believe you, is a general disease, reason why few people who do things for posterity sake or because of their makeup, their personality to add value to peoples life(mother Theresa was recorded in our time for his Marcy nature) still  many people doubt their ingenuity because they can’t imagine themselves doing things for free, they equally doubt that another person can do any thing without looking at the gain aspect of it. In my society, they will call you a fool, who came to Lagos to watch bridge. So everyone is gear towards gain making, remember even in free town nothing is free, none of us remembered that God gave us his only son for free, curse society. Always getting, packing, loading never satisfied.

The first time I listen to African China’s music I was just enjoying the song without paying attention to the lyrics, but last night I attended  a party and I was  very weak to dance since dancing is part of my hubby, but could not lift my legs and the music played the first time and all the crowd trooped to the dancing floor  and when it stopped they all chorus for repeat, it was that demand for repeating the song that drew my attention to the lyrics of the song, rich against the poor or we against ourselves,  what now went through my mind was like a battlefield oh my God, I remember my one of my mentor Jcey Mayer she said, at that time. the truth and the lies are fighting on who takes the centre stage, and who takes control your life.

I honestly became angry with myself, my people, the way the mind of the average poor man has been turned against his fellow poor man. The way I use to feel each time they feed us with lies in our news feed ,I remember an argument I had with a Facebook friend who told me that rigging is part of Nigeria system, that Africa can not do without rigging, that not even my write ups or anyone can stop it,  If you can rig, rig, if you cannot is your luck, hey, my fellow youths who should be thinking of a way out of this, has bought into it full time.( my lamentation is just because the nation is a blessed nation, Continent, turn out our leaders turned things upside down)

Our media houses have practically turn for 100% profit making outfit just like our judiciary systems, our  Security forces are now revenue generating outfit asked Lagos state Government if you doubt me they will be in the best condition in explaining this to you.

Why am I saying this, is because we should have some media houses that are more concern in affecting the lives of her society/masses positively rather for business purposes, profit making, someone just side, hey! but they need money to run it, sustain the outfit, yes i know, those are the things that should be taken into consideration in building good and healthy society. But in a society where all media houses are set for profit making, what is the hope of such society, just look out and see for your slf.

Most of our major problems are you and i but outside you and me, are the Lawyers, Bankers, Journalist, Police and Religious leaders.Honestly if this five set of people can get it right African, Nigeria as a case study will be a better palace over night, God had a reason for giving us five fingers, this five sector represent our five fingers and they are very important in every society, not even our politicians like we think can stop them, if they start doing things right, or living right, because they own and have the people, our politicians  come and go. These people i listed are our real elders and leaders, the politician only comes for Governance to govern what these people have set up for them, remember politicians are for certain years of which this set of people, you/i owns the power, we are our major problems, yes i said it and it is truth. check out on their duties and the effect  they have on  direct  society. They decide the people who get to (corridors of power) they influence people easily, detect for them and people believe them.

A country where Bank cannot give you a loan unless you concede a certain percentage. loans are for certain group of people, like wise waver, that is why some people are so comfortable in going for it why others are afraid of trying bank loans because if they try it they will go in for it, I was once a banker so don’t tell me that. I have seen it played out.

If your client( account holder) dies and maybe you have small conscience, small i said o, and want to tell the family about his/her money. the Bank  Manager will warn you not to try it or you lose your job, who wants to lose a job in Africa, make hunger wire you, then if the one the family knows about the dead person’s money.  try going for the money, it will take years, even the lawyer, the bankers , and journalist who are helping you get the money out of the bank need a percentage out of it. I have not said anything o, that is the system. no one does anything for free, looking out for a way to extort one another, we call it working smart, where a man works, na where e dey chop.

Steal the money the banks will help you keep it on their own percentage, do you know how many Bankers that have been made rich through percentage stealing, we have a certain amount of dollars to send out of this country but still others send as much money as they want, is it witch that is doing it.i still have not said any thing, laws can shift,we made millions over night just because he or she has link with CBN go in get the dollars once you leave the gate your life changes.

We recently leant that we have a different rate for a different set of people in buying or selling foreign exchange (MONEY), what is that one called, is all about money!

Just like every Nigerian youths who could not get to the corridor of power( politics) want to be a celebrity, they feel that is where the easy money are now, 15, 7 years ago a lot of youths want to be bankers, now is politics, Why is it that different sectors don’t bum/flourish  at the same time to create gd environment for many people t strive, is Agriculture this period, last season it was oil, why is it always shifting. No let me tell you that most of our money can be found in the churches, Mosques,  they steal them and give to our churches, mosques, imam, emir, Oba and king and they all know the source of this money. country were church/mosque building is bigger than factory building and we cry no job, no wait, it will come .Ndi ara.

No let me tell you that most of our money can be found in the churches, Mosques,  they steal them and give to our churches, mosques, imam, emir, Oba and king and they all know the source of this money. countries where church/mosque building is bigger than factory building and we cry no job, no wait, it will come. Ndi ara. the highest selling sector now is church brainwashing people all for what? money. no wahala

Directors/DG/chairman/minister/senators  etc will not give you contract unless their interest is protected,  or you give them out of it, or do it the way they want it,  like pay from your pocket upfront, country where  you get a job of  5m and you spend 3m on the staff of that sector or who introduce you no wonder we have a lot of abandoned works  and they are not talking because they have eaten out of it .

The supervisor/clerk /accountants /sec/receptions /, it even start from gate men, who will not open gate for you because you didn’t drop, drop what? then the receptionist will not let you in, or even tell oga, you are around, it goes on like that to every sector, they  will not  approve your job as being ok, bring out your file for assessment or for payment or satisfied it ok if you did not pay to give you the job or payment just because you did not see them in the mirror, speak their language, Funny enough those money you spend starting from who gave you the contact or from gate man to the Oga at the top have a name, is not called bribe o, so don’t say I said, see me o, is called PR,(MEANING, PAVING ROAD) fine name,  if you don’t do it the PR, be sure you will not be in business or get more job, that is from few who can get the job without knowing people, they are actually giving you the job, because you are a player, you can settle, you know about PR, not because you can do the work. we dont look for people who know the job, rather we look for people who can do PR, what you know or can do, don’t count in my country, I have nothing about showing kindness to people but when it becomes a culture what do we do.

We give our Contract, distribution and transmission to our Alhaji, Emir, Imam, Pastor, Chief, King, Oba, who now give it to their people, Friends, relatives is all about who you know, no wonder people we kill just to know who know who! i recently watch on Nigeria station when a guys was lamenting that no single individual  from oil region owns an Oil well, a place where the oil is located or come from, I smile how will you have, when your chiefs have been collecting peanut to sell off your birthright. GREED, SELFISH, MONEY IS THE NAME.

It is a norm that nobody sees anything wrong  about it. rather they see you who are not playing the game as the problem because you are thinking otherwise. They begin to think, you are sick,(like many will say, what rubbish is this lady writing self,)please forgive me, abeg.

Then, try to stand on their way of making money, they will kill you off, and nobody will asked about you, “you just die off” that is our language, no good judiciary system, no conscience,  if you are well place individual they will setup a panel to look into it, since I was born they have been setting up panels, so tell me one panel that has come out with reasonable and tangible result, game is a general  thing in my society.

Why am I even wasting my time, each time I want to write, I remember all the comments I got on face book attacking me to stop making noise and it always got me weak to write because every Africa sing the same song, money, money , money, they can even kill their own to make money, so empty inside, they think that what will fill them is money.

Now  Our questions is why should we be this money driven nation when one after the other each and every one of us will still die one day,  (one boy just told me, yes ooo,  he want to enjoy before he die, can you imagine thinking? reasoning in the highest order ), why killing our self over money,  money, money, money, money hey.

Now listen, do you know what those power invested bodies do,(bodies like our Oba, kings, Emir, imam, pastors , chiefs and some captain of industries )  they install, unskilled and uneducated people without conscience as your leaders in the corridors of powers to rule you so they can sit in the palace of their homes and control what goes on and into the Gov, that is the caucus  you always hear about, there, Have you  asked yourself why is it that we run the system of loyalty in our country, people look for who will be loyal to them, people they can control, if you know your right or anything, you cannot get any position in my society, they dont chose people who knows the job, they chose people who will represent their interest even when they are not there, if you try saying, am lying/talking rubbish like many will say, tell them, to allow independent candidature in Africas  next election, then come and marry me for free or  I will stop writing, i promise. funny due.

One big one that made me to raise my hands for third world country is knowing that they now have a way of silencing their activist, freedom fighters ,instead we have converted  them to politicians, there are things they talk about/on and things they don’t deer talk about/on, they checkmate them and their movement.

We are all, lacking contentment, we are all selfish, we are all greedy, we live life of competition who will out shine each other, which brings us to money driven life.  Everyone and every third world citizens think of self not about posterity or about tomorrow. It is just GREED,  SELFISH, MONEY IS THE NAME. Everything in life must not be for interest purposes please re-direct your step for better society.

MONEY RULES!!  MONEY SPEAKS! then money destroys like is destroying us.

Thanks for stopping by to read, I appreciate a lot.

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