Someone just asks me why is the culture common among African American now African and third world countries spreading around with the help of technology “social media”  power of influence.

The more it spread or it last, depends on each society, below are 7  reasons it has come to stay in  African society.

1,   The trend of a nuclear family is going away, our society doesn’t value the nuclear family as we use to do in the parts, people are more comfortable alone these days. a pointing factor of not having value for human lives in most society is the cause, people are growing up to depend on self and their creator now, is now a game of survival of the fittest, or nature of  fate.

2,  Divorce is constantly going up, the children learn not to value relationships as much, most men are afraid of commitment  but needs all that goes with marriage which they get on a Plata of gold so why marry after all, and our ladies are losing fate of tolerance knowing more of their right,  which constitutes huge reasons why many don’t want to get married, couple with heavy stigma and segregation on the singles who find solace, comfort on their child-ren as they aged.

3,  For the African-American community, the problem is double fold, because of the black version of the opioid epidemic (the crack epidemic) many would be fathers either died,  war issues, or were incarcerated.  This left a huge percentage of people growing up in a 1 parent household, even the forceful taken away peoples self right either from rape and using them for selfish reasons.

4,  Children learn this from their parents/ relatives/neighbour and it becomes a normal thing that repeats itself unconsciously, Many African American cum African, third world countries didn’t have both parents many people don’t feel a need to marry and raise children as a 2 family home thing with the mindset that God trains. During the Civil Right era (60’s and 70’s) Blacks had the highest marriage rates, higher than any other group but the reverse is the case now.

5,  The strong belief system  Culture  of hair and next of kin plays a vital role on this too, where there’s absence of Government support system/ people cannot hold their Government responsible for their wellbeing,  that takes care of people even  in their old age, so the only way they feel to secure their old age is to have children  without the presence of both parents or even  having structures for their upkeep,  it encourages people having children as a legacy method.

6,   The court system and government social amenities are more about profit making than keeping families together which depends on the moral systems of the land.

7,  Poverty  role on this cannot be over emphasis, establishment of  proxy wedding, families are more interested in what to gain than the happiness of their children even  boys and girls run after people with money, the big shot in town without minding the outcome, consequences,     children, diseases and heartbreaks are some of the products of such actions, ,  just  to share out of their rich, wealth and making a living without mind that how they are been used,  even the poorest bride/groom wants an extravagant wedding just to make statement.

This is just the morning of this trend, if any society with a healthy lifestyle doesn’t do something quick about this drastic situation at hand, someone might say is just a phase, sorry, I doubt it is a phase, this has come to stay and should be dealt with immediately for a sane society and better future now.

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