#BBNaija: White Money Wins big brother naija shine your eyes season 6 grabs N90m prize, with what we call human value.

1) That black men, can have self-control, that having free and unclad women around you do not mean sex them, white money proved it in the house with girls like Queen’s with the sexy body around him.
2) That we don’t need a certificate to be intelligent, people should start training their children from the home, stop leaving your job for teachers they can’t do it better than you, white money mother prove it in him.
3) Single mothers can train kings/queens,  white money mother has proven it, by the kind of man she gave us in white money
4) That good heart/empathy and humility which white money displaced in the house wins better in life, even with the discrimination, looking down on him for not being a graduate, he was still serving them and showing them love.
5)That  Enough of paying evil with evil, which he always preach against, white money paid love for the evil showed to him in the house, his words are “I will spoil them with kindness” he let go, forgives.
6) That house chaos, domestic work, is not only for women rather for who can in the family, generally White Money has influenced us and still influencing he is indeed a hero.
White money is a positive influence and a good brand to watch
White money winning this should change our mindset so far

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