No relationship being it friendship, dating or marriage has ever worked without work.

We assume. you are already friends with your partners and in love before the below suggestion can enable you to have a great relationship. Goodluck.


Communication is key. You can’t assume your partner knows what you want or how you’re feeling, or what you think, without discussing it, people do not mind readers, being in a relationship, you learn to speak up and learn to listen.

Learn to talk and learn to listen, although you are a couple, you are two individuals with different perspectives. Yes, we wish our partner would take the initiative and take action without having to be asked, but that too could lead to misinterpretation, be open and expressive but not judgmental or critical. People will grow and change over the years but the love that brought you together must be the bond that keeps you together through it all.” Loe is important because it helps you let go and forgive but love without common action is incomplete, so communicate.


Make sure you still pursue interests and hobbies that make you happy. Do not expect your partner to always make you happy you will be draining him or her, learn to be happy on your own. As we mature and evolve, so do our needs and wants to do.

Be willing to grow and adapt with your partner. Every couple argues, but when you do, make sure you stay focused on the issue at hand, learn to attack issue not your partner, Lastly, always make time for each other with date nights.”


Making a marriage strong is respect for each other, respect is very important for each party and holding similar core values. Also, being able to pursue interests that you can do together and other things you do individually should not be forgotten and be respected fully.

Respect in marriage is one of the most important determinators of marital health and resilience. The notion of respect cuts across both scientific, social and spiritual conceptions of marital intimacy.

Marital satisfaction and a sense of wellness are contingent upon the respect that spouses show toward one another, couples that takes respect of each other seriously normally have a healthy marriage than a couple who believe that respect in marriage is for a particular sex or class.


Marriage is never 50/50. Often it’s 80/20, many people doubt these, but is truth,  and that goes both ways. Each has to be a giver and a taker. It doesn’t have to be “the man or the woman”  Trust is so very important,  Share responsibilities! never go to bed angry at one another! It almost always guarantees a good night’s sleep. Don’t forget to say ‘I love you’  so often and ‘Im sorry irrespective of who is at fault.’” They are the most important words in your marriage. Always be kind, show empathy, remember Your words and your actions reflect your love not just the words but the actions are paramount.


Treat your spouse as well as you treat your best friend. Don’t keep secrets, learn to be free with your partner, and actively look for things to enjoy together. At the same time, give each other space, and support their interests or activities, be their best and first fans. Do things with your partner that you may not want to do,


The three C’s of marriage,  Commitment, considerate and compromise, these three C’s can strengthen your marriage if you are committed to it, to some, it might look slavery, but is not, it actually takes true love to work with 3C’s in marriage,

Be thoughtful and considerate, It doesn’t sound romantic, but cooking a favourite meal for your partner,  bringing coffee to the other gives a good feeling, giving up those important things just for your partner, taking a walk, being there for them, letting go for them to be happy, loving what they love, betting your chest and saying am in and in for this and those small things that matter that really looks like it does not matter.

The deeper and essential part of marriage is the commitment, no relationship has worked without a commitment from both parties, if you want your marriage to last,  a great level of commitment is needed. It’s a commitment to be willing to do whatever it takes to make the marriage work, and that means there are going to be many times when you’re just not going to get your way. And you’re going to have to be OK with it just because you are committed.



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