1, multiple sex partners, Men have this attitude of having 5 to 10 sex partners at the same time and is dim normal, and they make brave of it as if there is an award attached to it.

Apart from some women who have taken it upon themselves as job, prostitution, please know it today that when I said prostitute, we still have a good number of them who don’t stand on the road, they live with their parents and from good homes/have good jobs, they are still a prostitute like you know, we have classics of them out there. just like we have men with high libido we have it in women but on men, we see it as normal which kills them but we don’t see it as normal in women which help them to deal with it, you get it now. different women have different reasons for prostitution.

It is not only those who stand on the road, ask some of those women, if most of those men can pay them without touching them they will be happy will some of them just want sex, but all who look for them want sex, some of this men go on hard drugs to boost their manpower, libido, each time you take such drugs, it reduces your lifespan, if you don’t know, know it now,which destroys their arthritic its unknown to them, in a bit to perform, to satisfy the women to prove to them that they are the real men, (real men indeed) have you not heard stories of so many man dying on top of their / other women, funny enough all the people they die on top is their concubines/ mistresses, not even their wife’s, our men are so selfish that they want to satisfy their mistress but will not go miles to satisfy their wife’s, for them their wives are only for childbearing, baby making machines what a pity for the women.

With a mindset of destroying others then, the women who have a way of letting out the stress without them knowing outlives them.

That is one major reason our men are dying more than the women, multiple sex partners. the men live with the mindset that men love sex then keep celebrating it, to them sex is food and they lack self-control and discipline not that some women don’t, but most women indulge in sex for what they feel or to show off or make money not for what they want.

2, Harmful cultural practices, in Africa/Nigeria, is a taboo to see a man cry, no matter the pains, don’t cry endure it as a man as if they are not humans, which kills the men gradually, a man whose emotion is not strong will not have stable physical life, when they bottle a lot of things not letting it out it affect them a lot.

Majority of the men don’t marry for love,(even some who marry with love, the almighty  advice of don’t open up to your wife or she will not respect you) so many men bottle a lot of things, from home (father/mother/siblings) even their friends expect them to be strong like a men, giving them advice like, they don’t have people they confirmed in they open up to,I  call it offload. to refresh, some friends they do to give them wrong advise that affect them wrongly like,

To pick women(sex), drink while the emotions are still boiling, what drinks and sex does to such emotions is to suspend it, it has not taken care of it, no one to talk to, in most cases they are been shut down, then they withdraw to themselves, what makes a normal human is to empty their mind either through talking, crying  etc and become free and fresh to live again, most men don’t get that chance and opportunity, no one is ready to listen to them as if they are power man( making them robot) which kills them emotionally, their pains keep accumulating until it gets to the point of

an explosion, it explodes and what happens, heart attacks etc and stress which gives birth to many sicknesses, people don’t really understand the men, women are more understood than men, now a big problem to men that kills them alot.

unlike their women who let it out by crying and talking to people around them freely( they tag them gossip)  and because this men, they don’t marry for love, sharing their life issues,problems  freely with their partners ( wife)  is not a common thing with them, mind you, you can only be free with whom you feel free or feel secured with our beasties then love , for them, many are married but still live a life of loneliness,  they live with their enemies in most cases, it kills too.

Most time, I feel for them because of what they go through in life (THE MEN), funny enough they still form the strong one even most of their women too they don’t marry for love too longer throat, but immediately they start having children they switch over emotions, they try to find what they miss in their husband in their children or people around them, to them, their man is not recognized, even being around them, they are just figurehead, they don’t notice them, you see them radiate from inside, more reason they accuse them of infidelity, sorry most of them, the women, don’t, they don’t, I mean the women, just that they have made an emotional decision to redirect their attention, because they cry, they are emotionally stronger than men, but the men claim to be stronger than them, funny! you can only get the best out of sex when is love making not when is fucking sorry for my use of language, you fuck with strength and make love with your heart.

For man! They live a  life of insecurity,  many of them, end up lonely even till their old age, even with many children at their disposal, trust the women they win the children to themselves, hey!

Hold it there, is not the women’s fault, when the culture is against them, the women, so God uses the children to console them, they automatically bound with their children, you and I know, when there’s bound, no one can break it, they find love they lack their husband in their children/friends and family members remember women are taking being.

For men, when you have many women around you and your wife/women is not complaining, sorry dear, she has made a conclusion, she has shifted ground emotionally,  women  who have the attitude of crying, they cry, cry out loud, or don’t you know that crying rejuvenate one, oh it does!

Women, they can easily be confirmed in people around them to talk to, a way to free themselves, one attribute men don’t have, even when, men they try to, they lose it, by this multiple partners, those partners will lose interest and confidence in them because they know they are many of them begging for your attention.

They say a cow that belongs to the public dies of hunger, so be wise.

3, Lifestyle

Clubbing is good, drinking is good, exercise is good but mind you eating good and balanced diet is equally good, treatment you put up earl

Most Man, denial themselves  a lot of sleep,( there, the men don’t grow until in their late 50’s why a 30years old woman there is already an old woman), no good exercise,  they drink a lot, and many don’t even know how to cook not just cooking, good food, still at the mercy of those women who they are not well loved to feed them properly hmmmmmmmm to balance what is missing hmmmmm  where is my pen ? who took my pen now ooooo oh my God I need a new pen can you bye one for me, pls do now.

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