The word submission is been defined or explained by dictionary or experts  as the action of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person

Am always quick to laugh or smile each time I hear or see people shouting the word Submit,  Submit, Submit, as if they are talking to a  toddler, even the toddler, you will agree with me, that we have tendency  of drawing their attention to us when we are naturally nice to them, either by playing with them, giving them our attention, buying them their favourite biscuit or sweet for them,  such toddler will always want to be around us, even for nothing, if am wrong correct me.

 SO something will propel the submission, that was why God first said, he who finds a wife finds a good thing and will obtain favour in the sight of God. “in  Bible”
He now went further to say,
Men love your wife.before he said
Woman submit to your husband, you as a man owns it to a woman you need submission from to love her in toto, care for her, respect and value her to earn the submission, you have to earn it ok,  something will for sure attract it the submission, so don’t be deceived.
Because he knew that love will, must attract the submission.
What am  trying to say is this, It is very easy for a woman to submit to a man he loves or loves her,  if   submission is yielding to a superior force, then we basically need love as humans to attract it to ourselves, because love surpasses the whole force on earth, even the force of gravity, to attract the submission to ourselves, we should first look for love, to love and to be loved simple.
People should stop picking any woman in the name of AM A MAN, and she is a woman and expecting her to submit to him, to me. sorry, dear is not every woman will love you likewise you won’t love every woman and is only a woman you love and shows her love that will foolishly submit to you.
first your right starts and end with your wife not from any other woman, for those men who go around parading themselves, am a man, yes we know, no doubt about that dear, we are not disputing that fact, that you are a real man, you are a good man and a nice man indeed but,
Know it that is not every woman that  will submit to you, (what every other woman and men own each other is respect as humans and not succumbing to them like most people expect) it takes a woman that loves you to succumb to you and you should in return love her totally, that is why many people say, in the part of the world where I come from that, he or she has been bewitched, or a spell has been cast on someone, sorry nothing like being bewitched or spell, where there is true love, and there’s reciprocation of love,  submissiveness abound, don’t look for it, it comes naturally.

But only that woman, who has soft spot for you will and do everything to make you happy likewise a man who loves you will always want your happiness because you are showing her love and treating her like a queen she is and should be, being  submissive she will in return treat you like a king you are.

But when the love is  there, it will only take time for the submissiveness to fade  away
But some woman will only become a slave to you just because of what they want to get from you, gain, Remember submission and slavery are two different things, don’t get it twisted ok.
so know when your woman is being a slave to you or being submissive, be sensitive enough to know it please,
The more you try to term her, control her the more hostile you make her and you as a man suffer it, them no dey fight for submissiveness it comes.
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