We the members of the new NIGERIA peoples party hereby and from the bottom of our hearts wish to express our profound gratitude to Senator ORJI UZO KALU for his divine expression.

This is because Chief Orji UZO KALU is not only a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, but he is also a chieftain of the two foremost political parties in Nigeria and a one time governor of Abia state.

He is an elder statesman and a voice in the Nigerian political scene. Above all, he is a child of God and a realist


.Indeed it is to the public that his declaration in a live channels television session to assert that the emergence of Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso’s declaration for presidential election 2023 under the new NIGERIA peoples party has changed the narratives of politics in Nigeria.

Our elder statesman Chief Orji UZO KALU concluded that it is all over as far as the presidential election is concerned.

He insisted that it is going to be a smooth sail to victory for Senator kwakwanso and the new NIGERIA people’s party.

However, he advised that the issue of zoning arrangement of the PDP and Apc needed to be reworked if only kwakwanso must be stopped. While we listened to his words of advice to our sister’s political parties it is to us that he equally must realise that Nigerians are looking forward to a new beginning.

It is common knowledge for any patriotic and sensible Nigerian to understand that the name “NEW NIGERIA PEOPLES PARTY” with a logo of a basket of fruits is devine.

What we can say to Nigerians is straightforward and unambiguous—- Nobody gives you the power and therefore what is needed of us all is to ensure that we register with INEC to be able to vote and as well protect our votes.

This is because to beat a champion in any competition is a difficult task but achievable. We must not be carried away by their expressions that it is all over for the presidential election with the emergence of Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso of the new NIGERIA peoples party.

We must continue to work very hard knowing fully well that hunger and corruption are in the driver’s seat in Nigeria currently. Let it be on record that Senator kwankwanso is not the subject matter.

The truth is that the hand of God is upon Nigeria at the moment ahead 2023 general election. Therefore we hereby make a declaration that Senator kwankwanso is just a messenger of God to reunite Nigerians and get it started from the beginning once again.

We, therefore, invite every good people of Nigeria and children of God to join us in the relevant Nigeria of our dreams.

Let us pray for our country and our sister political parties to EMBIBE the spirit of fairness, equity, good conscience and justice to the southeast of Nigeria in line with their internal zoning arrangement. God bless everyone.

Rev Emma Agubanze. Member spiritual Committee. NNPP her annexe Lagos

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