How Not Talking About Problems Destroys Our Homes

Talking about your problems can release pent-up feelings. Pent-up emotions, energies, fears, anger, frustration burst or forces are held back pains, and anger that is not expressed, used, or released. they are awaiting problems.

These are the most major problems in our homes, relationships, and groups, they are bottled-up anger and frustration bursts that can wreck you one day.

Most times people act with pilled-up anger not with immediate action.

Because we are people who believe in time, we don’t believe in discussing or talking over issues, when we offend people in this part of the world, they tell us to give them time, that time heals everything.

They did not teach us to talk about issues, or sincerely apologize so they can sincerely forgive for a free and better life, rather they say to give them time. what time does to us, is that people let go for peace but the pains got internalize, waiting to resurface in the future, but when you talk, truly apologize and they truly forgive you can have a peaceful and joyous life.

What we do not know is that time doesn’t heal pain, rather it, is pent-up pains, that can be a hindrance for us tomorrow, these pent-up issues majorly are obstructions to our success tomorrow because we did not discuss, or talk about them or truly forgive or apologize and trashed them, from those actions, our emotions are formed for good or bad.

An emotion is a feeling such as happiness, love, fear, anger, or hatred, which can be caused by the situation that you are in or the people you are with.

Emotional pain is pain or hurt that originates from non-physical sources and is the world’s most problem. Sometimes this emotional distress is the result of the actions of others, things, condition, or event that has taken over our life

Most times, it might be the result of regret, grief,  loss or not measuring up. In other cases, it might be the result of an underlying mental health condition such as depression or anxiety.

Stop trivializing things, everything is important and should be discussed and solved for a happy family.

No matter what the cause, this psychological pain can be intense and significantly affect many different areas of your life, performance, home, relationship, career, and achievements.


When your car breaks down, you either know how to fix it or how to find someone who can fix it,  Emotions, on the other hand, are a little harder to fix. There is no wrench you can grab or repair shop you can take your feelings to.

But you do have one tool in your kit you can always use: talking about your feelings, emotions, problems, and challenges

 Even just speaking about your feelings out loud to another person can help, ease you up, refresh you, and gives you hope. So why do we avoid it or believe it doesn’t work?

YES! I know why we avoid it because we don’t have or know who to speak to, I get it, and it can be disturbing that you need to talk and can’t find who to talk to, and not judging you and making your talk a topic and in the other hand, Some people, men in particular,  are socialized to internalize feelings, rather than give voice to them, and that has been the major cause of lump and die among men because they internalize their problems a lot. please if you are a man, learn to talk, for your health and life.

Sometimes the very emotions you’re dealing with — like guilt over something you did, shame about how you think you’re perceived, low self-esteem of not measuring up — can feel so overwhelming that you can’t get up the motivation to talk it out.

I am telling you today, to cultivate the habit of talking today, talk to live.

Talking has powerful psychological benefits that might not be obvious. “Talking about it” is a broad phrase, though, so let’s clarify a bit. When we discuss talking about your problems, it can take a few forms. Vent to a trusted friend. Being open about your struggles. Talk therapy with a licensed therapist. Talk with who you do not know, go online look up for who you don’t know talk to them openly, and then block them when you are done,


Depression is a chronic feeling of emptiness, sadness, or inability to feel pleasure that may appear to happen for no clear reason. It is distinct from grief and other emotions

Depression is a mood disorder that causes persistent feelings of sadness, emptiness, and loss of joy. It is different from the mood fluctuations that people regularly experience as a part of life.

Major life events, such as bereavement or the loss of a job,  depression. But depression is distinct from the negative feelings a person may temporarily have in response to a difficult life event.

It is an ongoing problem, not a passing one. While there are different types of depression, the most common one is a major depressive disorder.

Depression can last for several weeks, months, or years. For many people, it is a chronic illness that gets better and then relapses.

While there is no cure for depression, there are effective treatments that help with recovery. The earlier that treatment starts, the more successful it may be. Some people may never experience depression again after a single period of it. Others will continue to have relapses.

Signs and symptoms

Depression can cause a range of psychological and physical symptoms,

  • persistent depressed mood
  • loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities
  • changes in appetite and body weight
  • unusually slow or agitated movements
  • decreased energy or fatigue
  • difficulty sleeping or oversleeping
  • excessive feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  • difficulty concentrating or making decisions
  • thoughts of death or suicide, or suicide attempts


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