Air Peace Airline, Owned by Igboman offers to rescue! Nigerians from Sudan no one is tagging him IPOB now.


Thank you Allen Onyema, CEO, of Air Peace for your continued goodwill to Nigerians! Each time Nigerians get into trouble outside the shores of this country U are immediately on hand to rescue them!

Respite may be coming the way of the over 4,000 Nigerians presently trapped in war-torn Sudan as the Chairman and CEO of Air Peace, Allen Onyema has expressed the willingness to evacuate the stranded Nigerians from the North-East African country free of charge.

Onyema who said the Nigerian students and others urgently needed help said if the Nigerians could be moved to a neighboring country the airline would fly there and evacuate them since Sudan’s airspace is closed from civil aviation flights.

Onyema said he is compelled to help because Nigeria cannot afford to lose her citizens in that country, adding that it would be his own commitment to making sure that the stranded Nigerians in the war-torn country are safe.

Nigeria and Nigerians do not hate themselves, it’s the loudmouths using politics to eat that create the noise and trouble. They capitalize on the mass illiteracy of the populace, and brainwash them with sentiments of ethnicity and religion in order to continue to remain in power because they have no other business outside politics!

presently, , nobody is tagging Onyema IPOB. Nobody is saying he is Biafra. We are all happy as he offers free service that FG is struggling with and can not still offer.

The Igbo is loved when she helps solve problems. She is hated when she seeks political office in Nigeria! Mr. Allen Onyema and Air Peace did it for stranded Nigerians in South Africa, Ukraine, and now Sudan! Igbo men evacuated them free of charge.

The more they are hated, the more the IGBO do good work for humanity! Same Air Peace and the same Igbo man. From available statistics, the population of Nigerians in Sudan is more of Northern Nigerian origin. We have more wealthy people in the North. In fact, the richest African is from Northern Nigeria! Many rich men who have private jets come from Northern Nigeria but now they are quiet. Those who have private jets with an abundance of money from the South West are quiet! But when it is election season, they will remember that they are North or South West! Man’s inhumanity to man is conspicuously on display.

Please where are the likes of Bayo Onanuga, FFK, Keyamo, Shehu Garba, the loquacious el-Rufai, and his son including BAT who showed so much hatred in their tweets about Igbo in the Presidential Election? Where are they? They have all melted away like ice! People who have nothing to offer humanity but hatred! The Nigerian populace has also refused to learn. How do you place a man that helps you behind the one that brainwashes you just to steal your Commonwealth? Can we learn?

Igbo Amaka! We love and we care!

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