False Treason Alarm: Nigerian Govt. Exposing Obi, Datti, and Other Democracy Activists To Dangers Of Security Agencies’ Harassments, Jihadists’ Assassination Plots And Cyber Criminals’ Attacks, Etc

False Treason Alarm: Nigerian Govt. Exposing Obi, Datti, and Other Democracy Activists To Dangers Of Security Agencies’ Harassments, Jihadists’ Assassination Plots, And Cyber Criminals’ Attacks, Etc

… Lai Mohammed ended up in the USA exposing INEC, APC, and FGN as “three fingers of a leprous hand”

…from brutal in-house rigging to political persecution: nothing must happen to Obi, Datti, and others



Onitsha-Nigeria, Wednesday, 5th April 2023


False Treason Alarm Have Raised Serious Citizens’ Security And Safety Concerns

The false treason alarm raised by the winding-up Government of Nigeria in the far away United States of America is nothing short of directly exposing the presumed winner of the 25th Feb 2023 Presidential Election in Nigeria, Mr. Peter Gregory Obi, his Deputy, Mr. Datti Ahmed and their key supporters and the presumed runner-up in the Poll, Mr. Atiku Abubakar and other key democracy activists to security agencies’ harassments including attacks or threats to their privacies and properties and their fundamental human rights to life, the dignity of the human person and personal liberty such as unlawful arrest and detention without trial. The outgoing Nigerian Government has also indirectly exposed Mr. Peter Obi to Jihadists’ assassination or plots in order to get him out of the way and deepen State Jihadism in Nigeria or any part thereof. Dangers further abound indicating that the above-named political actors and democracy activists and institutions have been made vulnerable to attacks by cybercriminals including dangerous software viruses and the shutting down of their websites.


Constitutional Liberties In Gross Breach

The above highlighted clearly and gravely run contrary to the Fundamental Human Rights constitutionally provided to secure and protect the affected political actors and democracy activists: Lives (Section 33), Personal Liberties (Section 35), Fair Hearing (Section 36), Privacy (Section 37), Freedom of Thought, Conscience, and Religion (Section 38), Freedom of Expression (Section 39), Freedom of Assembly and Association (Section 40), Freedom of Movement and Right to Residency (Section 42) and Freedom from Discrimination (Section 42). These, in addition to citizens’ rights to political participation including rights to vote or be voted for, are also provided in the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights of 1981, signed, ratified, and domesticated by Nigeria in 1983.


Lai Mohammed Exposed INEC, APC, And FGN In USA As Three Fingers Of A Leprous Hand

A sound logical and critical judgmental look at what the Federal Minster of Information (Lai Mohammed) said he told the world press clearly indicates that the outgoing Information Information traveled to the USA that cost Nigeria and Nigerians billions of Nigerian taxpayers’ public funds to inform them how the Federal Government of Nigeria coordinated the armada of fraud called “the Feb 25, 2023, Presidential Poll”. Minister Lai Mohammed also did not know that he ended up informing the US and world press that “the outgoing Federal Government of Nigeria is leprously functioning as Nigeria’s INEC, Federal Government and APC”. In other words, the Federal Government of Nigeria as the ‘Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) coordinated the rigging, awarded the victory to its APC, and traveled to the USA to inform them how it successfully rigged the poll”. The APC arm of the outgoing Nigerian Government also publicly held a brief for the Chief Justice of Nigeria with the intent to stampede the Judiciary under him to judicially legitimize the rigging with results awarded to its illegitimate beneficiaries. The above was evident in a recent public defense of the CJN by the APC over his alleged affinity with Tinubu and its potential harm to the pending 2023 PEPT. By the totality of the above, therefore, Nigeria’s Minister, Lai Mohammed ended up in the USA exposing INEC, APC, and the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) as “three fingers of a leprous hand”.


How Obi, Others May Be Harmed Or Attacked

‘By security agencies’ harassments’, they include harassments and arrests by security agencies via false security alarms, criminal labeling, ethnic and religious profiling and concoction of trumped up charges or accusations bordering on high treasons or “crimes against the State” (.i.e. treason and treasonable felonies such as insurrection and terrorism) with intents to clamp into detention without trial using ‘prosecutorial or pre-prosecutorial vindictiveness’. ‘By jihadists’ assassination or plots’, they include resorting to ‘perfect killings’ or assassination plots using Islamic jihadists.

Their sole target victim (Peter Obi) may be targeted for assassination (perfect killing) using car bombing, helicopter/air crash, and toxic substances; or open assassination through movement ambush, gunfire, and other open assassination methods.

This is the second time Intersociety is raising this security threat alarm, having first raised it about eleven months ago in 2022. ‘By cybercriminals’ attacks’, include tapping telephone conversations and attacking websites of leading and consistent democracy activists and institutions.

Cybercriminals’ attacks may also include lethal attacks on Peter Obi, Datti Ahmed, Atiku Abubakar, and consistent democracy activists using harmful chemical or biological substances as well as directing deadly cyber virus attacks on their websites, phones, computers, and other communications equipment or gadget


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