Ikpeazu Sends Warning To Politicians Saying, There Can Only Be One Peter Obi.

The Abia State Governor Okezie Ikeazu has admitted that the Peter Obi factor was a huge consideration some politicians rode on to win during the 2023 general elections.

While acknowledging the  Peter Obi wave, Ikpeazu however added that people would soon start asking questions from politicians who rode on the wave to win elections.

According to the Abia State Governor, there can only be one Peter Obi and after winning elections, the people will start seeing each politician for who he/she is.



He added that many people during the 2023 polls, voted against the older political parties out of frustration.

Apart from that, Ikpeazu held that once emotions calm down, people will also start questioning the personality of Peter Obi and what he stands for.

Speaking during an interview with Daily Trust about issues surrounding the just-concluded general elections, Ikpeazu submitted that: “Peter Obi was a huge factor. People became very sentimental and emotional and a lot of things contributed to the cultic image that Obi has in this part. One of them is that there’s hardly anything you can preach in favor of the established political parties that will excite Nigerians.

“Whatever you’re doing, if you touch on security, everyday life like food and access to money for my people here, you’ve touched on their jugular. So, people became extremely sensitive, frustrated, and angry and they voted and reacted out of frustration. But we know that very soon, the scales will fall from their eyes because there can only be one Peter Obi.

“In the days ahead, Nigerians will interrogate the Peter Obi personae on one hand and also look at all those who rode on his back to become something and put them side by side with the Obi personae and the question will now come naturally, was this what we went in for?

“But I pray that some of the aspirations of Nigerians will be assuaged in the coming days because I don’t think we still have the energy for further experimentation because our elasticity has elapsed.”

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