8 Steps To Becoming Relevant In Life & Bed.

We live in a time of vast and uneasy changes, where economic, social and political turmoil has become the rule, rather than the exception.

So, staying relivant is not anyones right but you can make it your right by chosing your behaviour and being intentional about them.

It is so obvious that the world we live in is constantly evolving. A lot of primitive tools, ways of doing things have become obsolete, discarded, and replaced with new ones.

This shows that in remaining relevant, your behavious says it all.

Here are seven specific behaviors that are vital if you want to stay relevant and become sought-after, especially for those of you who are involved with people or tend to be.

1, Become a connective listener
Be genuinely curious about peoples well being and by asking follow-up questions that relate to what a person just said, rather than what interests you.

Keeping the focus on the other person enables you to get closer to their underlying interests, showing genuine interest, offering hands of assistance because you want to not because you have to,  remembering what they said, and being  able to discuss the world their way.

2. Make your message almost as vital as oxygen
Label yourself before someone else does. Some topics are widely discussed in first conversations, such as what you do or what you most care about.

3. Seek out the most left-out person in the situation
When in a lively gathering, pull in the most overlooked person and thus alter the dynamic of the conversation and earn an ally. Plus it will feel good.

4. Look to another’s positive intent, especially when they appear to have none
When you act as if the other person means well, you are likely to turn around potentially divisive situations and sidestep conflicts, and sometimes even turn potential critics into unexpected friends.

5. Speak soon to the strongest sweet spot of mutual benefit or interest
Start deeper and you may be surprised by the desire others have for meaningful conversation.

6. Cultivate Unexpected Allies
It pays to seek out individuals who are vastly different from you in temperament, life experience, and perhaps even values.  Out of these meetings you may find the right ally to co-create a new gtoup, family friends,and be ready to serve rather than to be served.

7. Praise individuals in front of those who most matter to them
Specifically, vividly describe the admirable thing someone did when you are around their most valued colleagues or friends, either face-to-face or by sending a descriptive note or email to them, copying others. Do it soon while the event is fresh in your mind and before the opportunity slips away.

 8. Focus on Great Communication

Communication skills are still imperative in the world environment. it connect people across the globe, one may have to work with people of different cultural backgrounds. In such cases,Make sure that you can express disagreements professionally, explain things clearly, and speak to people with respect irrespective of their class, status or finicial statues in a way that they will understand and feel comfortable with you. Learn how to be a better communicator by reading a book or enrolling in a local class to sharpen these highly required skills.

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