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Emeka Umeagbalasi Speaks: ‘Retreatist’ Osun State-Born “Lagosians” Breeding Insurgency In Lagos State Must Be Called To Order, Stopped And Reminded That:

1. Nobody Has Monopoly Of Violence As Over 1000 Forms Of Violence Abound, 2. A Son Does Not Give Birth To A Male Child Before His Father, 3. Lagos Was Founded By Igbo-Bini Priest-Kings Over 500 Years Before The Palace Of Oba Of Lagos Was Built By The Portuguese From Their Pepper Farmland In 1705AD And 4.

The throne Of Eze-Nri (Pre-Christian Papacy In Nigeria) Is 2,885 Years Older Than the Stool Of Oba Of Lagos And 2,480 Years Older Than the Throne Of Ooni Of Ife


Retreatist Osun State-Born “Lagosians” Breeding Insurgency In Lagos

It is correct to say that ‘transformed’ and ‘untransformed’ Retreatist Osun State-born “Lagosians” are dangerously breeding insurgency in Lagos State, Nigeria’s smallest land-massed and most populated sub-national entity.

The ‘Retreatist’ Osun State-born “Lagosians” presently threatening lives and properties of defenseless nationalities in the State or any part thereof have been found to belong to a generation of those that left their State(s) of birth pauperized and uneducated and headed to Lagos in 1950 and 1960s or earlier or thereafter; assimilated and became part of Lagos street gangs including ‘street children’ and drug addicts (retreatists); commonly called “Alaayes” and “Area Boys”. While the ‘transformed retreatists’ among them became lucky and had access to formal education and wealth and ascended to positions of authority, the ‘untransformed others have become their riotous foot-soldiers to date.

The struggle against the military and return to civilian rule in 1999 shot the transformed ‘Retreatists’ among them into prominence including access to corridors of power in Lagos, Osun, Ekiti, Ondo, and Ogun States.


Their fanning of the embers of ethnic or inter-tribal discords and sponsorship of political and group violence became well-noticed in 2015 and 2019 and continued untamed and widespread in 2023.

The insurgency-provoked attacks and violence targeted at Lagos indigenized old Eastern Nigerian Christian citizens for participating in the legitimate political process and conscientiously voting candidates of their choice have gotten out of hand and reached a maddening stage; threatening to force the attack into a violent self-defensive or defensive insurgency.

By modern conflict theories, nobody or group has a monopoly on violence as there are more than 1000 forms of violence capable of being offensively or defensively used or deployed by a person against another or property, especially when pushed to the wall.

It has shockingly become a traditional and election season ritual for the ‘transformed retreatist’ Osun State-born “Lagosians” to congregate, aggregate, and arm their foot soldiers (untransformed retreatists) to launch coordinated violent attacks against other defenseless nationalities resident in the State, leading to wanton destruction of lives and properties worth billions of naira. In all these, the country’s security agencies have conspiratorially continued to turn blind eyes and pretended as if nothing had happened.


The ‘Retreatist’ Osun State-born Lagosians” migration to Lagos has arisen on account of the fact that Lagos as a sub-national entity shares common boundaries with ‘Oduduwa or Yoruba States’ of Ogun, Oyo, Ondo, Osun, and Ekiti. Lagos had also pre-colonially played host to freed slaves and missionaries from Sierra Leone, Liberia, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Caribbean, Cuba, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, etc. It is instructive to note that before the founding of the throne of ‘Ooni of Ife’ (the oldest throne in Oduduwa or Yoruba States) in present Osun State between the beginning of 1200s and middle of 1250AD, the present Lagos was already founded by the Igbo-Bini Priest-…

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