2023 presidency; Concern Yoruba’s writes to Tinubu.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s presidential ambition, and his protegee, Yemi Osinbajo, too,  a pastor in the lush pasture of politics have confirmed his rife presidential ambition as well.

Honestly, we had patiently waited and hoped to show why both the lion and the lamb are misfits for the presidential villa located on the granite rock named Aso, derived from Asokoro, the name of the Abuja community but yet.

If we were Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, I will withdraw from the presidential race. I will withdraw and go back to my home and maintain my invisibility in order to preserve my respect, my hegemony.
My friends nicknamed me “Babalawo” because of my situational appreciation skills. It is obvious that without the approval of the President, the Vice President, and everybody that signaled their interest in contesting the presidential primary wouldn’t have done that.
Please Asiwaju, read in between the lines! Remember what Rafiu Aregbesola said the other day. He said; “We exalted him beyond his status and he turned himself to a god over us and we had sworn to ridicule anyone who compares himself to God.”
Rafiu is not ordinary, he is the Minister of the Interior. He reads intelligence reports like the President. He writes too!
If you don’t back off from the presidential primary, these dangerous boys will see to it that you lose Lagos. If you lose Lagos, your political career is over.
My Jagaban, you have achieved so much in politics. You have built people, you have acquired enormous wealth. Allah has been kind to you. In the checkered history of Lagos. Two “baba Seyis” had ruled Lagos. Brigadier Mobolaji Johnson was “baba Seyi”. His first child was Seyi. The Brigadier, coming from a blessed background was a specialist in tactics, decoy and deception. He was governor for nine years.
When Gen Yakubu Gowon was sacked through the activities of a dangerous troica; his Guards Brigade Commander – the author of Diplomatic soldiering; Gen JN Garba, Brigadier Musa Yar’adua and the man I feared most; Gen Abdullahi Muhammed of the Directorate of Military Intelligence, all Colonels then, a situation that paved the way for the Murrala/Obasanjo administration, “baba Seyi”-Brigadier Mobolaji Johnson was given a clean slate, with Brigadier Oluwole Rotimi but the rest of their colleagues were roasted! Mobolaji Johnson, was a very studious man, highly disciplined.
He brought Julius Berger, the Construction giant to Lagos, but he did not soil his hands.
The second “baba Seyi” is your esteemed self. You discovered people, built them and used them too. Unlike the Brigadier, you are a self made man. A man that survived through the benevolence of Allah – The Merciful and Most Beneficent.
Let me leak a secret to you Asiwaju, soldiers don’t respect agreement(s) because they are trained in decoy and deception.
From jsc to psc to advanced commander’s courses, soldiers don’t study anything more than tactics, decoy and deception, all wrapped in strategic studies! When the picture of the ongoing games is finally painted don’t be surprised at the outcome.
There are more enemies embedded than you thought! You keep on repeating; “it is my ambition to become the President” Like you, it is also the ambition of others to be the President too, but human proposes and God disposes.
Think about this Asiwaju and extricate yourself from this web of radicle.

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