17-year-old Hausa boy Builds a semi-radio that broadcast in the Hausa language to preach  Peter Obi’s competence in  Kastina state.

The Hausa boy from Kastina state Builds a semi-radio that broadcast in the Hausa language to preach about Peter Obi’s competency in the whole of Kastina state

According to the 17 years old boy, Hausa ruled them for 18 years without any improvement in the whole northern state, he also stated that he once visited Onitsha, Peter Obi’s home state and the town was booming with development yet Igbo have never ruled before.

If we can give Igbo men a chance and give them at least four years to showcase what they got, Nigeria will be the top 1 in Africa and will be competing with America.

According to him, millions of Hausa people are using their radio 24/7 and not much on social media, even 120 years old Hausa man is with his radio at the back of his house

His radio has raised concern among northern elites with callers, calling in, this shows that more young northerners have good and great talent that have not been harnessed.

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