Now, ask me HOW? Base on my personal opinion you should have yours too.

It  startles  me each time we say poverty and the first thing most people,  think of is how much in bank accts, how many houses they have, their social assessment  or acceptance of people who they have been coax with thier fake lifestyle, you will agree with me that the highest investment in the third-world nations is towards real-estate which suppose to be on human beings I mean capercity building but no, they practically steal money and bury them in the name of real-estate, without a product or services to their names, they are practically a consuming nations, only to sell or rent to people like them who have no clue on how to generate or recreate  wealth after years and they are thrown out of the house constituting  nuisance to themslves and  society, you don’t need to agree with me but one thing you must agree with is that money needs to be traded on, so as  to generate more money but when you keep burying it, it cannot  germinate, it can only decrease the rate, not trading to the detriment of your people, any sane society build people why unsame society build structures.

When I discuss this,  am actually referring to the mentality of people, how differently different people and society think and act rather than the actual amount of money they have, have gotten or in their acct or their value in the society.

You will notice that we live in a  fear based society, for many people, haven gone through lack, many  are actually afraid of living in lack, they are motivated wrongly, their motives are not for change/impart making,  which is the great motive for growth, rather they are  motivated by accumulation to fill up that lack, scape from that fear of not going back to the  lack where they are coming from, they concentrate more on accumulation than carpercity building which goes a long way and sustainace for life time.

Most people struggle to cross the fear baseline and once they cross it, unconsciously it automatically generates humiliation, intimidation inside of them, empathy now becomes a thing of the past, they now live in envy, been threaten by the rising success of people with great ideas and innovations instead of encouraging them they stop them. you there not compete with them, they wish to be champions for life.

You will recall that everything in life,  begins with our thought which is our mind and that is actually where our poverty lies.

Third-world nations are mentally poor not financial poor, major reasons you can give someone 10million now in the next one year find him/her in lack, his/her problem is not money is their thought,  as people  they have a very big poverty mentality no matter their education, exposure and certificate, because thought leads to feelings, feeling lead to action and actions leads to result.

No wonder you will notice people, family, generations ruling for life,

holding on to public things on to themselves simply because they are empty inside, poor mentally, they have nothing to offer rather than getting salaries or extorting from poor masses, they have no clue on how to recreate, generate wealth or multiply what they have because they have been programmed into getting alone.

Minds are like empty files, what we store on it is what that will help us  survive because we don’t concentrate on building our mind with the necessary things, ingredients which will help us to strive as people, even without having money in account or buildings as the common thing,rather all we store are things that will help us survive, survival of the fittest, increasing our poverty rate. they are rateless as people.

A mentally healthy person strive even in the mix of nothing from inside why mental unhealthy person struggle to survive from the things around them, no wonder third-world countries only live to accumulate wealth their generations come to waste

One reason our politicians, elder statesmen etc keep recycling themselves trying to be relevant with propaganda, not by what they have to offer.

Mental poverty people are more the noisemakers thank God for social media you can spot them easily, mentally healthy people their strength which exhumes from inside speaks for itself, you feel it.

But when in a society that accesses people base on material acquisitions rather than capacity strength and quality of thoughts what can one do?.



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