15-Year-Old Girl Injects Herself With Boyfriend’s HIV Positive Blood(Photo)

Yet to be identified 15-year-old girl has injected into herself, her HIV boyfriend’s blood into her bloodstream to prove her love for her boyfriend.

The 15-year-old met the HIV-positive youth on Facebook and fell in love with him. Soon after,  their love blossomed to the point they could not stay without one another.

The couple had been together for the last three years when the girl took the extreme step after trying multiple times in the past to flee from her parents.

However, shortly after the 15-year-old was brought back by her parents, she went on to do the unimaginable.

The girl injected herself with blood taken from her lover, who had HIV, using a syringe knowing the risks she was exposing herself to. It’s unclear if the boy was aware of her intentions.

The girl’s family has filed a complaint against the youth, moving the Police to Hajo to immediately detain him.  As for the girl, she is currently being monitored by doctors, but she will most likely have to take medication for the rest of her life to keep the HIV virus from destroying her immune system.

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