Over 1,000 beggars on Tuesday laid siege to the entrance of the Lagos State House of Assembly at Alausa Ikeja and the Governor’s Office to protest undue harassment and their arrest by officials of the Lagos state government.

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The beggars came in over 10 buses and seven tricycles barricaded the entrance to the Assembly and demanded that Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu addressed them, saying that they would sleep on the road if the governor did not come out to attend to them.

Despite a plea by government officials telling them that the governor was not around, they refused to bend and vowed to remain there until they were seen by the governor.


The protesters were armed with placards, some of which read:

“Enough is enough,  stop the persecution of people with disabilities,” “Save the water-front, enforced conviction, we demand justice,

They also stated that::

”If you don’t want to see us begging on the streets, give us skills and empowerment,” “Seeing beggars all over our streets and roads is the failure of the system” and “We are tired of running without legs or eyes, give us skills and empowerment they demand.

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