Three major things everyone should know about winning through in life.  are;

*WORK,             (we must work hard)

*Commitment, (we must be committed to what we are doing)  be it work or relationship.

*God,  (we must look up to our creator because him alone Can help us even when or how  we don’t know it. Is this third stage of winning that makes the winning imperative)

“How nah, HAHHA , yes, because what you call winning might not be winning to me, when we look up to God with contentment also getting committed that winning becomes clear to us, that as you are winning, I too, am winning,yessssssssss, everyone WINS!Why because winning is not an open combat  with others or being better than others like most of us sees it or feel it,  rather  it is far from that, each and every one of us wins every day/every minute  in our life battle and challenges, so please appreciate your life and your winning power and the only way to achieve that is through contentment, if not, you lose it and lose it totally.

First, you cannot be contented if you have not realized that life you live today is a gift and not a right, is only when you get that understanding that contentment will set in and dwell with you to win or achieve greater height, because if contentment is to be sold,  honestly, I  tell you it will be one of the most expensive objects, that many might not afford in life or have not afforded no matter the riches          around or available so; In getting, get contentment  first, which is the very important ingredient of life, contentment is the highest wealth of  life which will spark the striving for higher achievement, so stop assuming/feeling you are better than anyone, no! everyone is good.

This is because we live in a society where  things such as;

Having money

Having car-s ,

Having house-s

Having connection-s

Having husband or wife

Having child or children

Having Position-s

Having award-s

Having many certificates

Being the most famous person in the society or in what we do

Being good in what we do makes us a winner , no wonder many of us, still have many  of  the above-listed  things and they are still not happy in life, ALWAYS LOOKING FOR FILL UP” then I asked you, WHY?. they lack contentment, no wonder  you see some of those people trying to fight it with pride, fame etc, no, If is not there and is not there, go get it ok. is called contentment ok’ OYA GO NAH hahhaha, funny you.

Wait a minute, do you know, that

Each and every one of us wins every day, yesWe should concentrate on accomplishing everyday goals and appreciate our ability that brings out the best in us which finally makes us a contented and happy people to strive for more.


This is Beady world- changing your mindset

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